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Green Walls and Living Walls at Cane Island, Katy, TX

Cane Island in Katy, Texas, is a new residential complex with 1,100 acres of master-planned community living featuring indoor and outdoor landscape design. AndersonBaron, a full-service planning and landscape architecture firm, designed the landscape environment with modular units for green walls and living walls bringing a new concept of green architecture.


AndersonBaron specified our VertiGreen Hybrid trellis system to climb the large, 15 foot bollards that line the main access road of the entrance to Cane Island. Our partner distributors at Ewing Irrigation and Supply collaborated with Shooter & Lindsey, a commercial landscaping contractor which installed the VertiGreen trellises. Our VertiGreen Hybrid trellis system consists of a recycled plastic plant growing module (VGM), set into a double-panel trellis system.


The plants are grown in the module (either on its own or pre-installed in the trellis), and hung on the wall once the plants are rooted. No separate planter or container is required, so it can be easily used in areas distant from the ground or another planter. The trellis system mounts to the wall with a simple bracket, like the original VertiGreen trellis. Either the plant growing module or the entire panel can be quickly removed for maintenance. In a blog by David Olson, public relations specialist for Ewing, David says they supplied the irrigation products for the bollards and other features. He writes,

“Construction of the bollards began in February 2015, and the first planting was over the summer. Shooter & Lindsey took delivery of the planters and grew the flowers at their offices while the bollards were under construction.”

Also in his blog, David quotes Luis Andrade, Ewing account manager, who stated about the project,

‘It’s a different concept…not just green design, but also modular so it can be changed every year.’

Shooter & Lindsey is growing plants for the bollards that can be switched each season so the plants will always have color and be constantly in bloom regardless of the season.


Another extremely large and beautiful green wall was installed inside the Cane Island Recreation Center. AndersonBaron chose our VGP Tray-Based Living Wall System design for the two-sided interior green wall. The VGP system offers versatility, easy installation, and a lush, rich-looking living wall. The total dimensions of the living wall measure a whopping 18 feet high by 16 feet wide, standing three feet above the ground to total 21 feet in height! The green wall consists of over 1,100 VGP-01 trays, made of recycled polypropylene. For the plant sizes 148 of the VGP-1636 Mounting Panels were required to hang the VGP trays at standard 6″ intervals. The generously-sized pots will allow for long term growing, and easy replacement or change-out as desired. The trays drain overflow from a reservoir (sub-irrigation) allowing the plant water to drain to a specific point. This two-sided wall features about 7,500 Dianthus plants, which flower heavily and will cover the wall beautifully.


Our partners at Ewing Irrigation have produced a video displaying the ease of mounting and installing our VGP Living Wall System  – click here to watch the video. The Cane Island living wall is a sight to see and we can’t wait to revisit in a year or two and take a look at how well it has fully grown.

New for 2014 – A nod to the Knickerbocker

As we continue to look at new projects for 2014, we must recognize Time Square’s Knickerbocker Hotel. An historic Beaux-Arts building build by John Jacob Astor IV in 1906, it is currently being restored to its former glory, thanks to a $115 million makeover by new owners, FelCor Lodging Trust . The all-new Knickerbocker is slated to open in mid-2014, and it has just been accepted into The Leading Hotels of the World fold. Architect Peter Poon and Designer Gabellini Sheppard have taken the interior down to the floor plates, so it will essentially be a “brand new hotel”, except for its extraordinary, original Beaux-Arts facade, which will be preserved. A NYC landmark since 1988, the building had functioned as an office building since the 1980’s but was better known for hosting such guests as John D. Rockefeller, had its own subway entrance, and is thought to have been the birthplace of the original martini!


Tournesol Siteworks is excited to be part of this historical restoration per the specification of Landscape  Architect, M. Paul Freidberg and Partners  of  Manhattan.   As part of this massive renovation, the Penthouse Suite will have an amazing living wall featuring our VGM modular living wall  system. As of late December, Tournesol had shipped over 500 of the 8″ deep VGM3-10 modules, which are slated to be installed on three of the exterior walls. Installation contractor,  Blondie’s Treehouse , is responsible for the module planting, grow-in and irrigation installation.

knickerbocker-hotel-construction-6-2013-thumbWhen completed, the Knickerbocker will fulfill its original purpose, and welcome back guests to over 300 guest rooms and 40 suites including the spectacular penthouse. Keep an eye out for pictures of the finished installation at 42nd & Broadway!