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Green Walls & Green Roofs Tweet Chat!

Earlier this week, Tournesol Siteworks was invited by Warren Gorowitz, Vice President of Sustainability at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply, to participate in a “TweetChat” that was, more specifically, a “#landscapechat.” Anyone in the Twitter world may participate in TweetChats, by adding a hashtag (#) and the specific topic – this was a landscape chat focused on green walls and green roofs. The #landscapechat is hosted each week by Corona Tools (who was unavailable, so Warren hosted our chat) and happens weekly on Wednesdays, featuring different topics during the year.

New Orleans Botanical Gardens Green Wall – VGM Living Wall

Prior to the event, we collaborated with Warren on a list of questions and answers. During the hour, Warren tweeted (asked us) specific questions, which we answered and attached a few photos to illustrate. He asked about our company, and about us being a premier solution provider of landscape elements for rooftops, terraces, streetscapes, etc…nationwide. The chat moved to ask some of the trends we see in green walls, which are a boom in amenity space development and large urban public space projects.

Slabtown Marketplace, Portland, OR, VGM
Slabtown Marketplace, Portland, OR, VGM Green Wall

Warren asked a bit about the importance of green walls and some of the challenges. Challenges include the maintenance, access, and understanding the effects of weather (wind, light, heat, etc…) on the plants. There are also different types of green walls, including tray-based and modular systems, trellis-based and interior systems, all at different price points. For green roofs, there are shallow extensive systems, deeper intensive roofs, tray-based or built-in-place systems.

Starbucks 1 Instagram
Starbucks at Downtown Disney, CA

The chat/discussion turned to how green walls/roofs promote sustainability in urban spaces, such as how they promote a healthy environment – plants provide oxygen and pleasant surroundings, and renew and restore the ecosystem. Green roofs filter and moderate stormwater flows, reducing stress on existing drain water systems. Hospitals use green walls to promote healing and peaceful environments for patients. Both green roofs and walls mitigate urban heat island effect, as well.

Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA, TerraScreen Interior Green Wall

Meanwhile, others in the #landscapechat community were also tweeting questions about plants, moisture of soil, whether or not coffee would grow in a green wall (yes, it can) and even the use of media block.

Amazon HQ Green Wall (11)
Amazon Headquarters, Seattle, WA

The #landscapechat ended with questions about the future of green roofs and walls; we see a wave toward proliferation and integration into everyday commercial construction. We’re also seeing a move with green roofs towards integrating amenity spaces – making them more usable. It was the first TweetChat that Tournesol Siteworks has been part of, and it was a great experience. We look forward to participating in another one in the future.

Green Walls and Living Walls at Cane Island, Katy, TX

Cane Island in Katy, Texas, is a new residential complex with 1,100 acres of master-planned community living featuring indoor and outdoor landscape design. AndersonBaron, a full-service planning and landscape architecture firm, designed the landscape environment with modular units for green walls and living walls bringing a new concept of green architecture.


AndersonBaron specified our VertiGreen Hybrid trellis system to climb the large, 15 foot bollards that line the main access road of the entrance to Cane Island. Our partner distributors at Ewing Irrigation and Supply collaborated with Shooter & Lindsey, a commercial landscaping contractor which installed the VertiGreen trellises. Our VertiGreen Hybrid trellis system consists of a recycled plastic plant growing module (VGM), set into a double-panel trellis system.


The plants are grown in the module (either on its own or pre-installed in the trellis), and hung on the wall once the plants are rooted. No separate planter or container is required, so it can be easily used in areas distant from the ground or another planter. The trellis system mounts to the wall with a simple bracket, like the original VertiGreen trellis. Either the plant growing module or the entire panel can be quickly removed for maintenance. In a blog by David Olson, public relations specialist for Ewing, David says they supplied the irrigation products for the bollards and other features. He writes,

“Construction of the bollards began in February 2015, and the first planting was over the summer. Shooter & Lindsey took delivery of the planters and grew the flowers at their offices while the bollards were under construction.”

Also in his blog, David quotes Luis Andrade, Ewing account manager, who stated about the project,

‘It’s a different concept…not just green design, but also modular so it can be changed every year.’

Shooter & Lindsey is growing plants for the bollards that can be switched each season so the plants will always have color and be constantly in bloom regardless of the season.


Another extremely large and beautiful green wall was installed inside the Cane Island Recreation Center. AndersonBaron chose our VGP Tray-Based Living Wall System design for the two-sided interior green wall. The VGP system offers versatility, easy installation, and a lush, rich-looking living wall. The total dimensions of the living wall measure a whopping 18 feet high by 16 feet wide, standing three feet above the ground to total 21 feet in height! The green wall consists of over 1,100 VGP-01 trays, made of recycled polypropylene. For the plant sizes 148 of the VGP-1636 Mounting Panels were required to hang the VGP trays at standard 6″ intervals. The generously-sized pots will allow for long term growing, and easy replacement or change-out as desired. The trays drain overflow from a reservoir (sub-irrigation) allowing the plant water to drain to a specific point. This two-sided wall features about 7,500 Dianthus plants, which flower heavily and will cover the wall beautifully.


Our partners at Ewing Irrigation have produced a video displaying the ease of mounting and installing our VGP Living Wall System  – click here to watch the video. The Cane Island living wall is a sight to see and we can’t wait to revisit in a year or two and take a look at how well it has fully grown.

Greenwall Climbing the Tower

The L’auberge Casino Resort, built in 2012, is an expansive southern Louisiana retreat designed to capture the rich culture of Baton Rouge. The project was designed by Marnell Companies, with landscape architectural support by Lifescapes International.

Lauberge casino

Recently our partners at Ewing Irrigation had the opportunity to visit the resort, and captured photos of a fully grown living wall that was installed on the project by contractor Rotolo Consultants  from Slidell, LA.

Sidewall 2

This wall utilizes a hybrid of our Tournesol VGM3 living wall modules together with our VertiGreen 3D trellis product. In the project drawing below, you can see the individual VGM3 modules (shaded in green), which were mounted on stainless steel rails behind. The VertiGreen 3D trellis panels were custom cut widths that would complete the wall section.


Lauberge drawing


When planted together like this, the vines located in the VGM3 modules quickly expand onto the VertiGreen 3D trellis (the concept behind our VertiGreen Hybrid product) and make for a thick, low maintenance living wall system. This one has been installed for a little more than three years, and looks as beautiful and dense as the day it went in! We couldn’t even tell what type of product it was when the images arrived.




Mounting the trellis next to the VGM3 modules was done with fixed-distance wall mount brackets (which held the back of the 3D trellis 6″ from the wall), keeping the front flush with the living wall modules. Because of the integration of the less expensive VertiGreen 3D Trellis product with the VGM Modular System, the  overall cost of this living wall was reduced by half!




Green Roofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2013


We’re looking forward to the summit, which kicks off next week. It is an entire month of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and research papers on one of our favorite topics – living architecture!  Think of it as a trade show, but without actually having to go anywhere to attend. Continue reading Green Roofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2013

Year Two: VertiGreen Hybrid Trellis at Whole Foods, Lake Grove, NY


all images courtesy of Blondie's Treehouse

I was fortunate enough to run into Fran Schreibman, Director of Sales for Blondie’s Treehouse at a recent conference. She was the person responsible for the VertiGreen Hybrid trellis project that Blondie’s installed last spring/summer at a Whole Foods store in Lake Grove, NY. We profiled the installation here and here. It was one of the first VertiGreen Hybrid jobs – in fact, they purchased several of our prototype units because that’s what we had in stock at the time! She shared several images of the wall taken this summer, and much info about how it survived the winter. Continue reading Year Two: VertiGreen Hybrid Trellis at Whole Foods, Lake Grove, NY

Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Part 2

All photos courtesy School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Last week we posted the layout of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s display at this year’s Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Their creative use of our products as elements in their design deserves another posting. Brian Mitalo, our local sales representative, mentioned that the design is actually a mock-up for a display to be installed in a courtyard at 10 E. Lake Street in Chicago. The SAIC has been working together with the Mayor’s office, Harold Washington College (which owns one wall of the courtyard) and Commonwealth Edison on the project.

Continue reading Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Part 2

Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Rendering of booth set-up. Images courtesy of SAIC

We’re pleased to be working with the design team from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on their booth at this year’s Chicago Flower & Garden show.  They are creating an unusual, vertical garden by combining our TerraScreen interior greenwall panels, the VertiGreen Hybrid trellis system, a vinyl printed backdrop along with neon lights.  Their creativity should be a breath of fresh air at the show!  We’ve been working with them on a design for a infill project in the City of Chicago, and they suggested taking the concept and abstracting it for this display.  Plants were provided by Hampshire Farms of Hampshire, IL.

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First Look – Fantastic VertiGreen Hybrid installation at Jean Nouvel project in NYC

all photos courtesy of Blondies Treehouse

This is a project that will define the capabilities of what our new VertiGreen Hybrid system can do.  That might sound a little dramatic, but when we saw the images, we realized that the contractor, Blondies Treehouse of Mamaroneck, NY, really understands the product and used it to their advantage.  As a reminder, they gained experience with the product at the Whole Foods store in Long Grove, NY. Continue reading First Look – Fantastic VertiGreen Hybrid installation at Jean Nouvel project in NYC

Whole Foods Market VertiGreen Hybrid system, Phase II

photos courtesy of Blondies Treehouse

You may recall the post that we featured here, about this Whole Foods store located in Lake Grove, NY.  As we mentioned in that post, the installation of the initial 128 sq. ft. of living wall went so well that the owner decided to expand the wall to the entire area.  Blondies Treehouse of Mamaroneck, NY, was the contractor that did both the intial as well as the subsequent installation. They’ve been extremely pleased with the way the VertiGreen Hybrid it has been growing in.  We’re hoping to get installation images from another, much larger installation that they’ve recently done soon.

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First Look: Collwood St. VertiGreen Hybrid project, San Diego, CA

VertiGreen Hybrid at Collwood St.
VertiGreen Hybrid at Collwood St.

We just got in pictures of our second installation of the VertiGreen Hybrid product, along this wall in San Diego.  The project, specified by Gillespie Moody Patterson and installed by Valleycrest Landscape, was originally supposed to be a conventional 3D  trellis.

More images after the break…

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