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It’s a Jungle out There!

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A few weeks ago, Tournesol Siteworks was invited to an open house hosted by our partners Instant Jungle International out of Santa Ana, California. Instant Jungle invited many architects and landscape architects to gather, and to present our green wall and living wall products. A couple of our sales people attended and had a great time!

Instant Jungle Open House

Photos courtesy of Instant Jungle

After enjoying an amazing BBQ lunch from TK Burgers, Greg Wallace (IJ) showed the attendees the displays their team created featuring our VGM Modular Living Wall, with plant growth in process. IJ also showed examples of our VGP Tray-based Living Wall System and TerraScreen Interior GreenWall.


Our VGM system modules attach to stainless steel hanging rails and when mounted to a structurally sound wall, require minimal penetrations. Each planting module, made of 100% recycled polypropylene, has a generous 4″ or 8” soil profile. Because root growth isn’t limited to small cells or baffles like in other systems, plants grow healthier and stronger, which means lower maintenance yet more spectacular results.

Our partners at Ewing Irrigation have produced a video displaying the ease of mounting and installing our VGM Modular Living Wall System – click here to watch the video.

IJ 1

Photo courtesy of Instant Jungle

They explained how the VGP system offers versatility and easy installation desired by light commercial applications. The trays may be hung on a VGP mounting panel, standard 2″ x 3″ welded mesh or wire, or along rods or stainless steel rope. Each tray incorporates an anti-lift arm to prevent unwanted removal, but requires no other bolts or clips. Trays are hung at either 6″ or 9″ intervals, depending on the plant size and the project budget.

Our partners at Ewing Irrigation also produced a video displaying the mounting and installation of our VGP Living Wall System – click here to watch the video.

IJ 2

Instant Jungle also presented the attendees with our TerraScreen Green wall, describing how it offers more flexibility than any other green wall system; designed so that the planting may be easily updated so the installation is appropriate to the style, season and environment. TerraScreen panels are made of powder-coated galvanized steel wire, with removable brackets to fasten the panel to the wall. Plants are placed in their 6” grow pot directly into the black no-hole cachepot. It is the solution to the challenge of installing a living wall that is instantly lush, and easy to refresh and maintain.


Thank you, Instant Jungle International, for the open house and for inviting key players in the industry to show how magically to use our products to beautify their applications and projects. We are thrilled to be working with such a fabulous company and great partners.




Let the Competition Begin!

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The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. Since 2002 the event has expanded to currently include 65 participating teams and nearly 10,000 students in three competitions around the world.


For the 2013 competition, Perry Cordoza of Nuvis, and currently the President of the SoCa Chapter of the ASLA invited Site Design Studio to design a courtyard as part of the event. Site Design then enlisted us, along with other manufacturers, to “supply the tools” so they could “create the space.”


Included in our donation were our Willshire Collection rectangular planters in both Alarm and Apple, as well as a TerraScreen living wall system. Both were used in a courtyard entrance within the Solar Village. Thanks to Park West who planted up the planters and assisted with the installation. Read more >>

Patio Garden at the Swedish Medical Center – Seattle

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Wilshire Collection rectangles and VertiGreen trellis at the MS Center, Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hil

We published a post a few months ago regarding the interior living wall that was installed at the Swedish Medical Center in Cherry Hill, WA. While an impressive project on its own, it was only a portion of a larger installation. Designed by Callison Architecture and installed by The Interior Foliage Company, this outdoor garden is immediately outside of the elevator lobby that holds the living wall. We’re especially proud of this project, as it shows how Tournesol Siteworks products can provide a wide range of products for a patio garden. Our design customization was critical to the success of the job. Read more >>

Del Frisco Grille Interior Living Wall, Phoenix, AZ

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all images courtesy of Plant Solutions of Scottsdale, AZ

Our friends at Plant Solutions in Scottsdale just shared a fantastic slide show with us of their most recent installation of an interior living wall at the Del Friscos Grille in Phoenix.  They’ve done great work in the past with our living walls (see here, here, and here), so we were anxious to share this with you.

Preparing the TerraScreen interior green wall on a custom frame


MS Center at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Interior Greenwall

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Interior living wall at the Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Campus, Seattle

Our sales manager John Denman recently was able to visit a new installation of the TerraScreen interior greenwall at the MS Center at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus, the site of the very first hospital in Seattle in 1877.

The wall (along with a patio and the rest of the center) was designed by Callison Architects of Seattle, and installed by The Interior Foliage Co. of Mercer Island, WA.

The Interior Foliage Co. installed and maintains the wall


New interior living wall at Unisource Global, Chandler, AZ

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all images courtesy Joe Zazzera, Plant Solutions, Scottsdale, AZ

Jeff Basset of Unisource Global Solutions, in Chandler, AZ, recently worked with our regional sales representative Jon Willingham to design an interior living wall for their offices. They enlisted the help of Joe Zazzera and his team from Plant Solutions in Scottsdale to install and maintain the wall.

We frequently have people ask us whether it is complicated to install a TerraScreen system.  This series of pictures answers that question better than anything…


Fixtures Living – an interior greenwall in a game-changing retail environment in Costa Mesa, CA

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The Fixtures Living showroom in Costa Mesa, CA

We recently received several installation shots from our friends at Instant Jungle in Santa Ana. They worked with Kevin Evernham at Fitch, a leading retail architect in Scottsdale, AZ and Burke Construction on the showroom for Fixtures Living in Costa Mesa, CA. The people at Fitch describe the showroom best:


TerraScreen living wall frames a landscape architect’s office in Sarasota, FL

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all images courtesy of Dane Spencer Landscape Architecture

At Tournesol Siteworks, our goal is to manufacture products that allow designers to express their creativity. Landscape architect Dane Spencer took advantage of that and came up with a completely out-of-the-box application for our TerraScreen product at his own office in Sarasota, FL. Read more >>