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Goodyear Ballpark – Spring Training!

The scheduler at our Union City facility, Angel Rodriguez, just got back from a little R&R in Arizona over spring break. While there, he went to a spring training game at Goodyear Ballpark, in Goodyear, AZ. The ballpark is the spring training home of the Reds and the Indians – of course he was going to watch the Giants, who played the Indians that day. He’s a big 49ers and Giants fan!

Like just about everyone that works here, he pays special attention to the site furnishings wherever he goes. He thought he recognized the benches and trash receptacles. Sure enough, they are the Pacifica Collection benches, paired with the Esplanade Collection round receptacles.

We asked around at our facility in Port Orchard, WA, where the benches were produced, and they looked up the project. They were originally produced in 2008 and were installed prior to the 2009 season – so almost 10 years old! Two images below show the benches, receptacles, and our B-5 Collection bollards that were used on the project as well, photographed shortly after installation.  Angel reports that they are a) comfortable, and b) still looking great after ten years!!
When you work at Tournesol, you pay attention to these things – there is nothing more important to us than making sure that the product is performing successfully for the owner!! Thanks, Angel, for the photos.

Esplanade Benches Rock Riverdale Park Station

Tournesol Siteworks acquired FairWeather Site Furnishings, with a facility located in Port Orchard, WA, in January of 2017. With the acquisition comes new products and solutions that Tournesol can now provide. The Washington facility will be our base for metal and wood fabrication from here on out. As we’re getting to know FairWeather, we’re enjoying and sharing the stories of projects and installations. Here’s another great story to share.

Riverdale Park Station is a wonderful mixed-use community with something for everyone, from shopping and entertainment to amazing restaurants, offices, apartments and townhouses. It is an integral part of the Washington DC area, and is located close to public transportation and the University of Maryland College Park campus.

Landscape architects at Parker Rodriquez Inc., out of Alexandria, VA, chose FairWeather Esplanade Collection benches for the project. The have designed many successful projects using our furniture. The landscape architects realized that FairWeather’s capability of building curved benches was perfect for the project (shown in the two photos above). They wanted to curve the benches around a water feature section of the station plaza and the Esplanade Collection was the answer.

L.F. Jennings Inc., general contractor from Falls Church, Virginia, installed the custom, curved benches this spring (2017) which were powder coated in a custom color, semi-gloss, Off -White, and fabricated with 1/2″ solid round bar fully welded to specially designed brackets.

Another request of Parker Rodriquez was to have two custom swings hoisted and hung in between columns. The Esplanade hanging swings (seen in the photo above) were modified to the landscape architect’s specification and came out beautifully. The swings appear as a highlight at the end of the water feature walkway (shown above).

Along with the Esplanade Collection, L.F. Jennings installed custom wood benches atop concrete slab walls (shown above). The wood is 2″ x 4″ Ipe with detailed miter cuts at the corners for exact, framed corner connections (shown close-up below).

Ipe is a hardwood that works well for either interior or exterior use, and in this case, exterior benches that will hold up well in the winter weather as well.  The community at Riverdale Park Station has this lovely installation to enjoy for a long time to come.

From Puritans to Park Benches

Tournesol Siteworks recently acquired FairWeather Site Furnishings, with a facility located in Port Orchard, WA. With the acquisition comes new products and installations from across the country that Tournesol can now provide. The Washington facility will be our base for metal and wood fabrication. We’re getting to know FairWeather and are thrilled to share the stories of their business ventures across the country. Here’s another story of how the site furnishings helped restore a community park.

Photo courtesy of Shadley Associates

Malden, MA, is a city which can be traced all the way back to the Puritans who settled on the land purchased in 1629 from the Native American Pennacook Tribe. Malden was the first town to petition the colonial government to withdraw from the British Empire, and became an incorporated city in 1882.

Today, Malden contains South Broadway Park, a recently renovated 5-acre park located on Maplewood Street on the city’s east side. The City and Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) brought public and private companies together in order to fund this multi-million dollar park improvement project.

Plaza Collection Benches – photo courtesy of Shadley Associates

At the early stages of the park design, landscape architects at Shadley Associates, out of Lexington, MA, chose FairWeather for the capability of the curved benches in the Plaza Collection (shown in the photo above). They wanted to curve the benches around sections of the park and the Plaza Collection was the answer. Four sets of custom, curved steel benches in powder coated Walnut Brown were installed by R.A.D. Sports, from of Rocklin, MA.

Photo courtesy of Shadley Associates

Later in the project, Shadley Associates also added multiple benches from the Esplanade Collection powder coated in Cardinal Red. The Esplanade benches are fabricated with 1/2″ solid round bar fully welded to specially designed brackets. The red color really pops and brings the park to life!

According to the city of Malden’s website, South Broadway Park was renamed “the Richard C. Howard Park in honor of the former Mayor whose leadership and many accomplishments has left a lasting footprint on the City of Malden.”

Benches from Biloxi to Jupiter

Tournesol Siteworks recently acquired FairWeather Site Furnishings, with a facility located in Port Orchard, WA. With the acquisition, comes new products and installations from across the country that Tournesol can now provide. The Washington facility will be our base for metal and wood fabrication.

Pacifica Collection bench  at JupiterFIRST Church’s Serenity Garden

We’ve learned a lot about the company as we’ve gotten to know them. One story we love is how a bench in Biloxi inspired a specification in Florida. FairWeather was specified and provided 20 of the Pacifica Collection benches for a project at the Gulf-Biloxi Regional Airport in Mississippi. The Pacifica benches were installed by Yates Construction and each 6 ft. backed bench was fabricated with 1/2″ x 2″ curved steel bar. The seat sections were fabricated with 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ steel straps.

Pacifica Bench at Gulf-Biloxi Regional Airport, MS

Landscape architect Howard F. Ostrout of Howard F. Ostrout and Associates of Jupiter, FL, was traveling through the airport and sat on one of the benches and thought to himself, “this is one of the most comfortable benches I’ve ever sat on.”

Curved Pacifica benches at JupiterFIRST Church’s Serenity Garden

Fast forward a couple of years to when JupiterFIRST Church in Jupiter, FL, contacted Mr. Ostrout to design a Serenity Garden for the church. He remembered how comfortable he was while sitting on the benches at the Gulf-Biloxi Airport so he reached out to FairWeather to use the same benches for the design.

Straight Pacifica bench at JupiterFIRST Church’s Serenity Garden

Howard requested modification of the Pacifica benches to match his concept for the design of the Serenity Garden. FairWeather changed the orientation of the steel straps in order for some of the benches to be curved, and added custom ergonomic seat sections.  The garden includes 6 curved and 10 straight steel strap benches in powder-coated Burgundy. JupiterFIRST Church continues to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the Serenity Garden today.


Tournesol Siteworks Acquires FairWeather Site Furnishings

Tournesol Siteworks of Union City announced that it has acquired the assets of Leader Manufacturing, Inc., based in Port Orchard, WA. Leader has been selling a wide range of metal and wood site furnishings since 1980 under the FairWeather brand name.

Austin 360 project, Austin, TX

Tournesol Siteworks has become one of the largest manufacturers of commercial-grade pots, planters and other landscape accessories in the country, and has experienced four years of 30% sales growth. This year, it was nominated for the Association of Corporate Growth “Outstanding Growth Awards” by the Bay Area chapter. Tournesol currently operates plants in Union City, El Paso, TX, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The Port Orchard facility will be the base for metal and wood fabrication for the company. Several current activities will be relocated to the new facility.

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

FairWeather is a vertically-integrated manufacturer with an experienced production team, which complements Tournesol’s current capabilities in FRP fiberglass and lightweight GFRC concrete. With the acquisition Tournesol will gain the capacity to competitively manufacture products for the commercial landscape marketplace in any commercially-required material.

According to Christopher Lyon, President of Tournesol Siteworks, “this acquisition makes us into the broadest-category manufacturer in the commercial landscape marketplace, and will allow us to open up a whole new front for product development. The existing FairWeather focus on product quality and customer service fits well with ours, and should simplify the integration.”

Richard and Cathy Flaherty, co-owners of FairWeather, are delighted with the opportunity that Tournesol Siteworks presents to its employees, and potential growth for the FairWeather and FairWinds brands of site furniture. While the Flaherty’s have been approached, several times regarding acquisition, Tournesol was the first company that presented the size, vision and culture that was a strong fit with the principles and ethics they had set for the past 27 years. The sale to Tournesol was a natural next step for the evolution of the brand.

City of Kent, WA

Employees at both locations are excited about the new opportunity. We’ll feature more FairWeather furnishings in future blog posts – stay tuned to find out more!

Looking ahead to Boston

Our team is looking forward to the 2013 ASLA annual meeting & expo. We are bringing our A-game! We’ll have our entire sales staff and products to show what is new for 2014, revisit great installations from the past year, and introduce you to our complete line of landscape solutions for the urban environment. Please stop by and visit us in Booth 1021!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products we will be showcasing:

The VGP tray living wall system
The VGP tray living wall system

Green Wall Systems: The new VGP hanging wall system with a range of mounting options make this system perfect for indoor and outdoor installations. The lower price points make it a perfect system for light commercial and residential applications. In addition, we’ll be showing an important addition to our VGM modular living wall system – a VGM3 media block. The media block, a stabilized organic soil system, requires no media bag and leads to faster grow-in and more consistent irrigation. It’s the perfect complement to the industry-leading VGM system.

The VGM living wall system
The VGM living wall system

The Buzz BenchAll the buzz at Dwell on Design and featured at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, this is the first east coast visit for our new bike bench. Developed by Luxxbox of Australia, this heavy-duty powder-coated steel bench can hold up to 6 bikes and provides a resting and meeting place for those who travel through our urban environment. The asymmetrical design combines multiple benches to create a variety of configurations.

2013-09-01-Shared Streets-BUZZ Bench copy

The Base Collection: Designed by Alexander Lotersztain, adds a touch of whimsy to cafe and al fresco dining. Simple and durable, the lightweight GFRC concrete table will hold up to the most demanding conditions, and its modern aesthetic works in any commercial, institutional or hospitality installation.base2

From living walls, lightweight pots and planters to drainage panels, paver supports and site furnishings, Tournesol Siteworks has been providing the landscape and architecture fields the tools they need to create inspiring spaces since 1979. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alarm on our new Zest FPR fiberglass pot
Alarm on our new Zest FPR fiberglass pot


First Look – Flipper Water Fountain


Flipper Fountain
The Flipper water fountain from Street & Garden Furniture

We’ll be debuting a new product (for us, at least) at the 2012 ASLA conference this week in Phoenix. While we’ve never sold a water fountain before, the Flipper is one of Street & Garden Furniture’s most popular products in Australia.

Designed in 2004 by David Shaw and Surya Graf, the Flipper started as a response to a simple challenge – to design a stylish handicap-accessible water fountain. If the requirements were simple, the solution wasn’t. The elegant handle mechanism is reliable, durable, and able to be used by nearly anyone. To allow maximum wheelchair access, the extension of the basin had to be as thin as possible – achieved with a simple cantilever.

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First Look: TWIG benches at UC Berkeley

TWIG benches in the courtyard at Anna Head Housing, UC Berkeley

The first TWIGs are in place!  Specified by Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture for the Anna Head Housing at the Univ. of California Berkeley, we were able to go over to the newly opened dormitory yesterday and shoot some photos. Interestingly, this project is across from the (infamous?) People’s Park in Berkeley, so there is plenty of foot traffic of all sorts! Continue reading First Look: TWIG benches at UC Berkeley

Introducing Boulevard Upcycled Urban Hardwoods

Sydney Collection Platform Bench

Many commercial-grade wood benches and tables are made using ipé, teak, and exotic hardwoods harvested from rainforests in South America and Southeast Asia. The durability of these woods is unmatched, but issues of deforestation, questionable chain of custody, and embedded energy in transit make them problematic.

Tournesol Siteworks has a better answer – Boulevard™ is an upcycled urban hardwood solution that offers the durability of exotics but without the environmental baggage.

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Our partnership with Street & Garden Furniture Co.

We’re excited to announce a new expansion to the Tournesol Siteworks program.  We’ve formed a relationship with Street & Garden Furniture Co. of Brisbane, Australia, to manufacture and represent them in North America.  They’re a company with twenty years of success developing outdoor furnisture designs for cities, local governments, universities, hospitals, and other large customers down under.

The TWIG bench, designed by Alexander Lotersztain

Our first product that we’ll be introducing from them will be the TWIG bench, as seen in the image above. Designed by Alexander Lotersztain (we’ll feature more about him in a future post), it was created to promote social interaction in a configurable design. We’ll be casting it in lightweight concrete and durable, lightable polyethylene plastic.

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