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From our latest Email Blast – Renovations & Renewals

This rooftop renovation just took a walk on the on the wild side! Pennsylvania Building Associates, owners of the property at 1275 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C., needed to hide some mechanical units on their roof. Architect Hickok Cole suggested a green wall to create a decorative “screen.” Gregory Long ofCapitol Greenroofs (who took all the pictures here) worked and James Davis Construction to create this 42′ x 8′ free standing vegetated wall. The image below was taken midway through the summer, approx. 6 months after the initial installation.


The wall, shown below several months after install, is comprised of 92 vegetatedVGM3-10 modules planted with a mixture of drought tolerant perennials including Heuchera americana, Coreopsis verticillata, Allium, Carex, Pholx and Sedum. Each module has 8″ of growing media, which will provide good insulation for both the cold winters and hot summers of Washington. Capitol Greenroofs opted to use Tournesol’s VGM Media Block on the front half of the module (the front 4″), which they commented allow for a better grow-in.


The VGM modules were hung on the frame using  stainless steel mounting rails, and the the entire custom 4″ and 6″ tube steel support structure was mounted to the concrete roof deck. Capitol Greenroofs installed a fertigation system with a Dosatron injector and a 55 gal. barrel that holds water soluble fertilizer. The fertilizer, by Plantex Solutions, is 17-5-17 and contains several different micronutrients. The system is run off a Hunter controller, and each row of the living wall has a remote zone controller. While this is relatively complex, it points out the need to have an experienced professional collaborating in the design, and performing the installation and maintenance.


Capitol Greenroofs also incorporated our FRP Wilshire pots along with CWM modular container irrigation system (seen to the left and to the right of the living wall) to create an instant oasis on the rooftop. Tournesol is proud of our ability to provide a “one-stop-shop” for both designers and contractors greening a rooftop.


Ten-Fifty B St., San Diego – a LEED-Gold Affordable Housing High-Rise

UR-3600 square planters in bronze finish

This high-rise near downtown San Diego, owned by Affirmed Housing Group and built by Turner Construction, was never supposed to be a customer of ours.  According to our regional sales representative Jon Willingham, the client had already purchased a significant number of planters from a local manufacturer when Turner and the landscape contractor Benchmark Landscape gave us a call.  The unwanted planters were stacked in a corner of the project when he arrived…

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A roof garden done right – 5 Penn Plaza, NYC

all images courtesy of Greener by Design, New York City

Far above the corner of Eighth Ave. and 34th St. in New York, the Haymes Investment Company has created an idyllic terrace garden on the 22nd floor of the 5 Penn Plaza building.  Designed by Landgarden Landscape Architects and maintained by Greener by Design, the project used Urban and Wilshire Collection planters to create a comfortable space overlooking the New York skyline.

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Procopio Rooftop Lounge Living Wall, San Diego, CA

TerraScreen living wall panels

The law firm of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch recently put in a spectacular rooftop lounge above their offices in downtown San Diego.  Although open to the sky, it is walled in on 4 sides.  The designers, including  McCullough Landscape Architects,  approached Greenscaped Buildings about putting in a living wall on the side of the lounge overlooking the harbor (what a view!!).  More images after the break…

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