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VersiJack Pavers Make a Residence Shine

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Our pedestals are usually specified for commercial installations, yet sometimes we also have the perfect solutions for residential projects. In Bellingham, Washington, we were specified by Molly Maguire Landscape Architecture for a private residence. The owners wanted to build a deck for a few reasons 1) they wanted to have a deck to enjoy for parties, daily living and also relaxing, and 2) to raise the deck and conceal the unsightly concrete with a more polished look.


VersiJack Pedestals shown during installation beneath the pavers. Photo courtesy of John Sweeney, Northwest Rain Solutions

Molly Maquire worked with Northwest Rain Solutions on the installation. Contractors from Northwest Rain Solutions used our VersiJack Adjustable Deck Pedestals, which are twist-to-adjust height pedestals, needed to accommodate this project for heights from 4-7/8″ to 7-7/8″. The pedestals create a broad, stable base that can support more weight than any other pedestal system. Due to unevenness and slope of the deck base, they required our Platform Slope Correctors which can correct from 0% to 5% slope at 1% increments. Because this type of corrector sits on top of the pedestal, it is faster and easier to adjust to the correct slope, as well as being less expensive than a bottom slope corrector.

The contractors also installed our Paver Spacer Tabs to provide the same exact distance between each of the pavers that were laid atop the VersiJack pedestals. To stabilize the pavers on the concrete, Neoprene shims were placed under the pedestals for fine tuned leveling and cushioning.  Alongside the pavers on the deck, Molly Maquire also designed a green roof with low succulents to accent the level of the deck, which can almost be viewed as a deck lawn.


Completed deck with VersiJack Support Pedestals beneath. Photo courtesy of John Sweeney, Northwest Rain Solutions

The project was challenged by the wet, rainy weather of the northwest but the installation was fairly straightforward and looks wonderful!

A Fashionable & Efficient Vertical Garden

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The remodel need was obvious: Build a new fence that would screen the neighboring property. In addition, it needed to be a useful and aesthetic part of the back garden landscape while providing a water efficient and low maintenance place to grow fresh veggies and herbs.
The solution from James Davidge at Davidge Design Studio: Install a Tournesol VGP living wall just in front of the fence. The wall was installed by setting three 6×6 redwood posts in concrete and then creating a frame of 2×4 & 2×6 redwood upon which the plastic grid was attached.
“We installed separate posts and frame instead of just mounting to the new fence posts to make sure we avoided overloading the fence with the weight of the green wall.  We also ordered an extra plastic grid that we cut up and used on a diagonal to fill the gap between the green wall frame and the fence and hung the VGP from it.  We felt that this custom bit made a big impact on the way the wall ended up looking.”
 The wall faces due south so it gets lots of sun throughout the day.  They found that the top rows were the first to dry out so they added emitters to the rows below to better control overall watering. Allowing for the differences, the pots were filled with a variety of succulents, tender herbs, veggies, and a variety of greens – such as red leaf, butter, romaine and other lettuces and fancy salad greens. Also, planted were 3 varieties of Kale and dwarf golden celery.
In addition to the final visual effect, the VGP wall is it is easy to garden and installation is straightforward. Flexibility in layout and sizing for custom installations, easily removable pots and complete coverage once the plants grow in creates an eye-catching green wall that fits in well to the overall landscape composition. According to James, “It has become the focal point of the garden.”

Green Walls create the space

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10 wall completed

This residential Green Wall installation belongs on the cover of any home and garden magazine. Designed by April Philips of April Philips Design Works and installed by Kurt Heitmeyer of JKT Associates, it is truly a work of art. The client was looking for a dramatic backdrop to the spa and sitting area.  The team’s solution: a spectacular 200 sq. ft. living wall!

The richly planted freestanding wall is highlighted by a fountain that cascades into the spa on one face and an outdoor shower on the other side.

8 plants finished


Residential Project by Belli Fiori Landscape

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All images courtesy Belli Fiori Landscape

While we don’t get involved in many residential projects, it’s nice to see one that comes together as nicely as this.  We certainly can’t take much credit. Our pots are lovely on this project, but the real star of the project is Belli Fiori landscaping of Redwood City, CA.

A spectacular residential landscape, with pots as accents


Update – San Francisco Residential Living Wall

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All images courtesy of Michelle Bond, Thumbellina Gardens

Since starting in the green wall business, we often get the comment – “it looks great when it goes in, but what about a year later?” Thanks to Michelle Bond of Thumbellina Gardens in San Francisco, we can show you a time lapse of a living wall in San Francisco. We featured the installation of this wall last December (here), and then revisited it again 6 months later (here).



San Francisco Residential Living Wall Revisited, 6 months later

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Flowers are blooming on the residential living wall

It’s been a little over 6 months since Michelle Bond of Thumbellina Gardens in San Francisco installed this living wall in her client’s back yard. You can see details of the installation here. She recently forwarded us updated images of the wall, and gave us more details about what kinds of maintenance she’s doing. It seemed like a good time to revisit the project in a new post.

The living wall is looking great


Residential VGM Living Wall, San Francisco, CA

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Residential VGM modular living wall, all photos courtesy Michelle Bond of Thumbellina Gardens

Many of our customers looking at the Tournesol VGM modular living wall system intend on using it for commercial installations. This is a wonderful example of what it can do in a residential setting. The design, by Michelle Bond of Thumbellina Gardens in San Francisco, covers the back wall of a back yard at the bottom of a large hill. This installation was one of the best-documented that we’ve seen, and we’re fortunate that Michelle shared her images with us.  Read more >>