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New Tournesol Recyclers at Claremont University Consortium in Southern California

Tournesol's new recyclers - Model WR-REC-02 in the Shadow finish

Earlier this year we announced our new options for ash and trash cans, as well as a line of recyclers in our Urban and Wilshire Collections.  We just got a few images of the first installation of the recyclers, at Claremont University Consortium’s Administrative Campus Center, located in Claremont, CA. Because they are located around a public cafeteria area, they’ll see the kind of use that they were designed for! Read more >>

First Look – Tournesol’s new Recycler Systems

New 2- and 3-stream Urban Collection recyclers

If you flip through this year’s catalog, you’ll find that we put a lot of work into expanding our range of ash & trash receptacles. We’ve added a number of options to what we were creating before, including adding a range of 1-, 2- and 3- stream recycling systems. They will be part of our Urban and Wilshire Collections, two of our best selling products.