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Past Blast: Tacoma’s Dome District Benches & Bollards

Since our acquisition of FairWeather Site Furnishings, (facility located in WA,  which is now our base for metal and wood fabrication) we’ve enjoyed sharing the stories of projects and installations. A few years ago, the City of Tacoma, WA, wanted to improve the amenities in the various city districts, including the Dome District. The Dome District in Tacoma emerged in the 1880’s but was originally known as the East School neighborhood due to a large elementary school. Railroad access eventually transformed the district bringing transportation, cars, gas stations, shops and restaurants. Renamed a few times, “Dome District” stuck when the Tacoma Dome was eventually built.

The dome brought life to the district and many older buildings were revitalized, namely Freighthouse Square. For the Dome District revitalization project, the City of Tacoma wanted benches and receptacles installed along sidewalks and building fronts throughout the district, including in front of Freighthouse Square. 

FairWeather was specified by the City of Tacoma desiring the Tradition Collection benches; Victorian-style benches with refined, full contour seat sections made with Ipe wood (optional) and enhanced by the circular details of the ductile cast iron end frames (shown above). Ipe is a hardwood that works well for exterior use and was useful for this project, since the weather in the Pacific Northwest tends to be fairly wet year-round. The city also wanted three Plaza Collection Steel Strap Receptacles, which are manufactured with open tops, and rings at the top and bottom of the receptacles. Tacoma chose domed tops to finish off the look of the Plaza receptacles which included 35 gallon black Polyethylene Liners.

Later, the City of Tacoma specified our B-5 Bollards which were installed by Gary Merlino Construction Company. Our steel B-5 Bollard Collection features decorative steel bollards with an asymmetrical top and collars for a sharp, distinctive look (shown in the image above).

Of the three mounting configurations available (removable, permanent embed or surface mount) Merlino Contstruction installed the steel B-5 Bollards with a concrete fill cap and heavy schedule 80 steel pipe as permanent embed. The bollards are used for security purposes and force protection on various streets and in front of the dome (shown above).


Aquarian Collection Dressing up the Riviera

Tournesol Siteworks was contacted by landscape design firm Kathleen Essick & Associates, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm was selected to dress up the Riviera Plaza, 1600 Riviera Avenue in Walnut Creek, California. Choosing from our various collections of pots and planters, the decision was made that the Aquarian Collection added a modern feel to a somewhat dated entrance. and was ordered from Tournesol Siteworks’ distribution partner Sunborne Nursery in San Francisco.


The water-jar shape of our Aquarian Collection FRP Fiberglass planters lended an appealing, unadorned elegance to the entrance of the building. From a variety of colors, they chose MMP Bronze which mimics the look of more expensive metal-infused finishes. The MMP Bronze paint, unlike the real metals, won’t change over time and will continue to provide predictability and stability.

IMG_7932 copy

Since the planters were placed in a high traffic area, we recommended the T-1 texture because of its durability. The texture is applied to the FRP Fiberglass prior to painting, to enhance the endurance of the finish and to prevent scratching and abrasions.


Along with the planters, they placed a color-matched Downtown Collection FRP Fiberglass receptacle with FRP receptacle lid. The receptacle is fitted with a removable polyethylene liner. After all, the trash has to go somewhere!