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Mario Batali’s new Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach, CA

Photo courtesy Jim Fitzpatrick, Newport Beach Independent

Mario Batali is at it again!  One of our most popular blog topics last year was the installation of an edible living wall at Pizzeria Mozza’s first store in Los Angeles (see posts here and here and here). He and partner Joe Bastianich have expanded their Pizzeria Mozza concept, putting in their second store in Newport Beach, CA. The success of the Tournesol VGM edible living wall at the first store convinced them to make it a motif at the second.

Tournesol VGM modular living wall at Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach CA

Jim Fitzpatrick, in a column for the local Newport Beach Independent  reported on the new store a few days ago:

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More Updated Images of Pizzeria Mozza – Living Wall

Most recent images of the Pizzeria Mozza living wall

You’d think we’d get tired of showing these images!! Our regional sales representative was driving in the area of the Pizzeria Mozza last week, and just stopped to see how things were going.  The top of the wall had filled in so much that he decided to snap a few images and send them over.  Even with all the “harvesting” that is being done off the edibles at the bottom three rows of VGM modules, the wall is really looking terrific.

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Pizzeria Mozza Update – Expanded VGM edible living wall!

Expanded VGM Living Wall at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza

We’ve received far more press and kudos for the living wall installed by Greenscaped Buildings at Pizzeria Mozza than any other project we’ve done.  Even though the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s living wall is substantially larger, it lacks the cache of a celebrity like owner Mario Batali.  The folks at Pizzeria Mozza like their wall so much that they asked to expand the wall higher.  More pictures after the break…

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CNN features a story on the Mario Batali/Pizzeria Mozza living wall

We’re just not used to this kind of attention! It’s not even us, really, but our product features prominently.

You can read the story that accompanies this video here. The Batali restaurant group really believes in the concept – they are expanding the wall at the Pizzeria Mozza, and adding an interior wall to a restaurant in Vegas.

In addition to this story, Jim was interviewed today for a nationally-shown program on Fox Business. Stories are appearing in the mainstream media with regularity – looks like greenwall is where living roofs were 3 years ago!

In addition to being media darlings, Greenscaped Buildings is working on the first exterior installation of a TerraScreen system in a unique setting on top of a building in downtown San Diego.  They are installing in the next few days, and we’ll try to get images shortly thereafter.

Update: Jim was on Fox Business News, you can see the link here.  Elizabeth Meltz, the Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for the Batali/Bastianich Hospitality Group, wrote an article for the Huffington Post emphasizing their commitment to “being green” that you can see here.

Mario Batali’s “Pizzeria Mozza” Edible Living Wall installed

The finished edible wall at Pizzeria Mozza

We were delighted to see the results of the final installation of the edible living wall at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza restaurant in Los Angeles. More importantly, the staff from Pizzeria Mozza and the whole restaurant group (shown below with their new wall) were delighted with the results.  They had opted to go with the VGM system over several less-expensive solutions, and were really impressed by the end result.  So impressed, in fact, that they’ve already asked the crew from Greenscaped Buildings to add two more rows higher!  More installation images after the break.

The Pizzeria Mozza staff and their new living wall (image courtesy Falcon Valley Group)

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More VGM living walls in action

image courtesy CBS Channel 8 - San Diego

Greenscaped Buildings, a good customer and green building guru in San Diego, is in the news again.  Their local CBS affiliate did a segment on the edible wall he planted at his facility last March (view here).  It has several good views of his VGM edible garden, but also shows a row of VGM ready for planting (the Urban Core project, I believe).

The Pizzeria Mozza project (you can see the VGM growing in during the video) is now scheduled to be installed at the end of February.  They’ve told us that the plants are getting nice and full, just the way the client wants them.

We’ve also just received an order for a fantastic VGM living wall designed by Rios Clementi Hale in Los Angeles.  The project,  a private residence in Beverly Hills, will be installed by James H. Cowan & Associates of Malibu. The design uses the VGM integrated into a fountain wall, over a fountain basin with planter islands. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to show you images once this truly fabulous project is installed.