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Yes, Yesler Terrace, on Your Way

Seattle is an amazing city!  One part of Seattle’s downtown community is Yesler Terrace, originally built in 1941 as the city’s first subsidized housing area. It is centrally located close to jobs and transit options, and holds beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and downtown. Originally built as a low-income area, it’s newly being redeveloped into a mixed-income neighborhood.

Image Today 9-08-47 AM

Raven Terrace is an 83 unit multi-family residential community designed by Weber Thompson, Architecture and Landscape Architecture firm, and built by Walsh Construction Company. It was completed in Dec. ’15 and unveiled this month (Feb. ’16). Weber Thompson specified four of Tournesol Siteworks’ highly-configurable TWIG benches and a slew of our Wilshire Collection rectangular and squares planters.

The installation our Tournesol’s material was handled by Cerna Landscape Inc., landscape contractors out of Renton, WA. Eight of our rectangular Wilshire lightweight concrete pots were custom ordered in sizes to fit exactly where desired, in the Sandblast texture and Shadow color. A few more of the square Wilshire planters were specified in the custom color “Amber Wave,” (the lighter tan color shown below), and were manufactured in FRP fiberglass with a smooth T-0 texture. The last few pots were FRP with T-0  in the color Puddle, including the 60″ round planter holding a tree within a larger planter area.


Four of our GFRC concrete TWIG benches were installed as a focal point in the center area. The TWIG benches are a modular seating system, with each bench holding up to five people. The inclusion of our TWIG benches allows the neighbors the opportunity to stop and chat.


The Yesler Terrace is an exciting, on-going project for Seattle (and especially for us) which may take quite a few years to complete, but it’s well on its way!

A Historic Renovation

Founded in 1881, Pearl Brewery of San Antonio, Texas, was one of the largest breweries in the state. Adjacent to the old stables where the brewery housed its draft horses is a new 22-acre multi-use complex with restaurants, shops and park space developed by Lake/Flato.


Tournesol Siteworks worked extensively on the project in conjunction with landscape architect Rialto Studio, installation contractor, LMI, and our distributor partner Ewing Irrigation. In addition to the previously installed Wilshire Boxes on the parking garage (above), the final phase included an array of metal infused fiberglass planters.

The Pearl Brewery renovation chose the Urban Collection in our metal-infused finishes- Sleek, simple, and elegantly proportioned, they work with most modern designs.


While the design might be simple, their choice of using T-0 texture on some portions of the project (above) and T-2 texture on others (below) was unusual. When using metal-infused colors (bronze above, aluminum below), clients tend to order a T-0 (smooth) finish. The decision ended up being a great solution as the color looks rich, and the texture offers a more durable finish. In this case the texture hid any staining that occurs on the metal as well.


Architectural Record recently showcased this amazing re-purposing project that took an asphalt-covered site and turned it into a thriving multi-use complex. Beyond restaurants, this lively urban district includes a branch of the Culinary Institute of America, a farmer’s market, residential units and an outdoor amphitheatre.

pearl map

We are proud to be part of such a comprehensive sustainability project. Now completed, the site has planted over 660 trees and the rest of the landscape is comprised of native and adapted plants that requiring less water. In addition, the old brewing vats hold recycled rainwater. The final plans involve renovation of the brewhouse back into a microbrewery!