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Disney, Starbucks and us

It is always fun to work on a unique one-of-a-kind project, and what better place than in the land “where dreams come true” – Disneyland! This past August, the Disney Corporation proudly announced that Starbucks would be opening a location in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.


The client wanted something unique at their location, which is sure to be one of the busiest spots in the “downtown.” Architects Orange and LandStudio 360 with David Ling, were tasked to bring that unique element to this specific Starbucks store, and Tournesol Siteworks was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to also be a player in this high profile installation.

The designer, David, and grower, Greg from Instant Jungle conceived of a green wall that would create a visually interesting, but, yet, relaxing space to the store. Our VGM system was the perfect solution. At the heart of this living wall product is a recycled plastic planting module attached to stainless steel hanging rods.


In this case the vertical hanging rails were mounted onto horizontal uni-strut framing. The framing, attached to the tube-steel substructure, allows for flexibility when aligning the hanging rail. Each planting module is available with a generous 4″ soil profile which allows for healthier plants and lower maintenance. The modules are shipped to the job site already grown-in at Instant Jungle’s nursery for approx. 3 months. Instant Jungle also pre-assembles irrigation emitters and tubing into the module, so it can quickly be attached to the main irrigation system once hung on the rails.

IMAG0415The modules and rails can be installed on any type of structurally sound wall, although we’ve been seeing a lot of these types of installations lately.  The modules can easily be removed to change plants or get at the substructure at a later point in time.


Completed in just a few days, the wall is ready for the grand opening!


We enjoyed working with Starbucks and Disney, two companies known for providing their guests with an excellent experience, and we are thrilled to be part of the “magical” atmosphere in the Downtown Disney District.



Green Wall Getaway

This week, San Francisco is the place to be for green walls and green roofs at 

121We are proud to once again be exhibiting at the Cities Alive Conference. As an inspirational and educational event for the green roof and wall industry, it features over 100 speakers, exhibitor showcase, professional development courses and “green” city tours. This industry-wide collaboration is a great opportunity to explore living architecture and see what the future holds!

Tournesol Siteworks continues to be a leader in the green wall field with exciting new innovations and installations. We look forward to seeing you at the conference this week, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak at what it is all about – making an urban environment more green, healthy and beautiful.


Project: Juniper Networks of Sunnyvale, CA

RMW Architects of San Jose and Taniguchi Landscape Architecture of San Mateo contacted us about using our VGM Modular Living Wall on the new Juniper Networks parking garage. The structure is visible from across the campus including the outdoor patio spaces, and the goal was to enhance and soften the view of the parking structure.  Read more >>

PIE in the Las Vegas sky

Several hundred interior and exterior landscapers gathered at the Plantscape Industry Expo (PIE) in Las Vegas this week. From the sights and sounds, the general overall business outlook was positive and there was a high degree of interest in the living wall product options. If you didn’t have a chance to visit us, here are a few pics of those who did.

Mark Whitten of Green House Nurseries in Arleta, CA is having a “first look” at our new product – VersiWall with Jon Willingham, Southwestern sales representative.

photo 2


The full story — Seward Child Care VGM living wall in Minneapolis

Some enthusiastic helpers celebrating the new living wall

Some enthusiastic helpers celebrating the new living wall

We published a short blog post in November on this living wall erected last year in Minneapolis, based on a short article written for a local planning council website. After seeing the post, the editor of the Living Architecture Monthly magazine invited us to expand it to a full article. It was a great opportunity to check in with both the contractor that did the work as well as the volunteer that coordinates maintenance for the wall. The story follows below: Read more >>

First Look: VGM Living Wall at BISCO Irrigation, Dedham, MA

image courtesy of BISCO irrigation

[UPDATE 5/18] The entire wall is up, and the Wilshire Box and VertiGreen 3D trellis is up next to it!  Looking good, and getting ready to host a seminar about it next month for Boston-area landscapers and designers…

Installation of a Tournesol VGM living wall at BISCO Irrigation, Dedham, MA


One of the advantages of working with irrigation distributors is that they really know how to set up an irrigation system. Tournesol Siteworks partner BISCO Irrigation (with locations throughout New England) installed several living wall systems at their Dedham, MA branch.  We took advantage of their work to document in this post how they set it up.

Dedham is located inland of Boston, and is a Zone 6B in the USDA Plant Hardiness Map.  They have selected the VGM-10 modules, with a full 8″ soil profile. They are also putting in several other Tournesol green wall options, including a Wilshire Box hanging planter and VertiGreen 3D trellis panel (you can see them to the right in the image above), and a VertiGreen Hybrid trellis panel. The irrigation system uses the Baseline 3200 controller from Baseline Systems, paired with a moisture sensor. Using the Baseline 2-wire system the whole thing can be remotely monitored for water use and soil moisture levels.


Upcoming ASLA-NCC Living Wall Seminar

Join ASLA – NCC on February 16th for the next lecture in its 2012 lecture series: Living Walls  – the Intersection of Art, Ecology and Technology!

Living walls ignite the imagination of designers everywhere. And what is not to like, for as encapsulated visions of nature with their seemingly perfect beauty contained on a wall or screen, they tend to idealize nature in the urban realm. The panelists will expand the dialogue on living walls to explore the many facets and perspectives of how living walls create a perfect intersect of design, environmental science and sustainable technology.  Dialogue will include both public and private sector projects and a discussion on available technologies and resources. Many of these walls and living design manifestations have been emerging as a response to today’s urban issues such as tight urban spaces, the general trend towards greener cities, fostering habitat in blighted neighborhoods, and emissions reductions. Some of the living wall projects that will be shared include recent Bay Area installations including the Drew School Wall, 12 Gallagher Lane, and the Metreon’s Moving Art Panels. Plus, there will be artful and inspiring examples from cities around the globe that may prove to expand your own definition of living walls. The question: “How sustainable are living walls – are they an urban panacea or just an iconic fad?” will be explored by each presenter.

Panelists leading the evening’s conversation are:


Whole Foods Market VertiGreen Hybrid system, Phase II

photos courtesy of Blondies Treehouse

You may recall the post that we featured here, about this Whole Foods store located in Lake Grove, NY.  As we mentioned in that post, the installation of the initial 128 sq. ft. of living wall went so well that the owner decided to expand the wall to the entire area.  Blondies Treehouse of Mamaroneck, NY, was the contractor that did both the intial as well as the subsequent installation. They’ve been extremely pleased with the way the VertiGreen Hybrid it has been growing in.  We’re hoping to get installation images from another, much larger installation that they’ve recently done soon.