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TerraScreen Green at Herringbone Santa Monica

Beautiful Santa Monica, CA, draws travelers to well-known places such as the Santa Monica Pier, Muscle Beach and Pacific Palisades. This beach-front city, West of Los Angeles, has something for everyone from shopping and beaches, to entertainment and amazing restaurants. One such restaurant is the trendy Herringbone with the tagline “Where Fish Meets Field.” Herringbone strives to create an atmospheric experience, rather than just a meal. The ambiance reflects nature with indoor trees, plants and greenery, and serves the “best of the sea” and the “best of the land.”

Herring 1
Entrance to Herringbone’s Santa Monica location

Our partners at Instant Jungle International were contacted by Herringbone, which was looking to build a living wall inside the restaurant. Greg Wallace from Instant Jungle collaborated with their designers to design an amazing living wall. Greg was instrumental in the design phase and chose Tournesol SiteworksTerraScreen Interior Green Wall. Greg described how the TerraScreen offers more flexibility than any other green wall system. It is designed so that the planting may be easily updated and maintained which helps to ensure the installation remains appropriate to each project’s environment and style.

Herring 2
TerraScreen Interior Green Wall in Herringbone

Instant Jungle installed 16 TerraScreen Interior Green Wall panels 49″W x 49″H x 4 5/8″D and 9 panels 70″W x 49″H x 4 5/8″D – planting a whopping total of 715 plants! Greg recommended the best greenery and a beautiful plant pallet including Spider Plants, Wandering Jew, Gold, Green and Neon Pothos, Bromeliads,  Red Maranta, Calathea, and Kangaroo Ferns.

Herring 4
Plant selection close-up

TerraScreen panels are made of powder-coated galvanized steel wire, with removable brackets to fasten the panel to the wall. Plants are placed in their 6” nursery pots directly into the black no-hole cachepot, rather than plants directly grown in soil media. This allows a light, easy-to-mount support system, which disappears behind the plants as they are set into cachepots on the frame. It is the solution to the challenge of installing a living wall that is instantly lush, A controlled sub-irrigation system prevents run-off or spills, and allows for easy replacement of plants as wished, and is easy to refresh and maintain.

Herring 3

The lush green wall at Herringbone is stunning and we are thrilled that their clients are as pleased with the living wall as they are! In fact, there have been a number of Herringbone’s clientele that have inquired about the green wall build and installation. Their clients also want a TerraScreen living wall installed at other locations around southern California.


It’s a Jungle out There!

A few weeks ago, Tournesol Siteworks was invited to an open house hosted by our partners Instant Jungle International out of Santa Ana, California. Instant Jungle invited many architects and landscape architects to gather, and to present our green wall and living wall products. A couple of our sales people attended and had a great time!

Instant Jungle Open House
Photos courtesy of Instant Jungle

After enjoying an amazing BBQ lunch from TK Burgers, Greg Wallace (IJ) showed the attendees the displays their team created featuring our VGM Modular Living Wall, with plant growth in process. IJ also showed examples of our VGP Tray-based Living Wall System and TerraScreen Interior GreenWall.


Our VGM system modules attach to stainless steel hanging rails and when mounted to a structurally sound wall, require minimal penetrations. Each planting module, made of 100% recycled polypropylene, has a generous 4″ or 8” soil profile. Because root growth isn’t limited to small cells or baffles like in other systems, plants grow healthier and stronger, which means lower maintenance yet more spectacular results.

Our partners at Ewing Irrigation have produced a video displaying the ease of mounting and installing our VGM Modular Living Wall System – click here to watch the video.

IJ 1
Photo courtesy of Instant Jungle

They explained how the VGP system offers versatility and easy installation desired by light commercial applications. The trays may be hung on a VGP mounting panel, standard 2″ x 3″ welded mesh or wire, or along rods or stainless steel rope. Each tray incorporates an anti-lift arm to prevent unwanted removal, but requires no other bolts or clips. Trays are hung at either 6″ or 9″ intervals, depending on the plant size and the project budget.

Our partners at Ewing Irrigation also produced a video displaying the mounting and installation of our VGP Living Wall System – click here to watch the video.

IJ 2

Instant Jungle also presented the attendees with our TerraScreen Green wall, describing how it offers more flexibility than any other green wall system; designed so that the planting may be easily updated so the installation is appropriate to the style, season and environment. TerraScreen panels are made of powder-coated galvanized steel wire, with removable brackets to fasten the panel to the wall. Plants are placed in their 6” grow pot directly into the black no-hole cachepot. It is the solution to the challenge of installing a living wall that is instantly lush, and easy to refresh and maintain.


Thank you, Instant Jungle International, for the open house and for inviting key players in the industry to show how magically to use our products to beautify their applications and projects. We are thrilled to be working with such a fabulous company and great partners.




Upon Completion…

In January, we highlighted a couple of 2014 installations that we were specifically excited about including a green wall at the new Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices in Antelope Valley.

Kaiser AV

Right on schedule, the wall went up in June, and we are thrilled to show you the final product.

photo 5

EPT Design specified 220 VGM modules to be installed on an outdoor walkway/parking area, and given the grow-in by Instant Jungle, the wall creates immediate and complete coverage of the vertical space.

photo 8

Antelope Valley (named for the herds of Pronghorn that were found here in the 1830′s), is the gateway to the western Mojave Desert.  The average temperature here is 61 deg, but that disguises lows down to 2 deg and highs up to 110 deg. It’s a dry heat, though, with low humidity year round. Due to the weather variance, this was a challenging project and a will prove to be a testament to our 8″ deep VGM3-10 module . With the generous soil profile, root growth isn’t restricted to baffles or pockets, which will mean lower maintenance, less water usage and healthier plants.


photo 1

And special thanks to our partners, Valley Crest, who always does a great installation of this product, and, Instant Jungle, for growing in the plant product.

photo 9

Disney, Starbucks and us

It is always fun to work on a unique one-of-a-kind project, and what better place than in the land “where dreams come true” – Disneyland! This past August, the Disney Corporation proudly announced that Starbucks would be opening a location in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.


The client wanted something unique at their location, which is sure to be one of the busiest spots in the “downtown.” Architects Orange and LandStudio 360 with David Ling, were tasked to bring that unique element to this specific Starbucks store, and Tournesol Siteworks was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to also be a player in this high profile installation.

The designer, David, and grower, Greg from Instant Jungle conceived of a green wall that would create a visually interesting, but, yet, relaxing space to the store. Our VGM system was the perfect solution. At the heart of this living wall product is a recycled plastic planting module attached to stainless steel hanging rods.


In this case the vertical hanging rails were mounted onto horizontal uni-strut framing. The framing, attached to the tube-steel substructure, allows for flexibility when aligning the hanging rail. Each planting module is available with a generous 4″ soil profile which allows for healthier plants and lower maintenance. The modules are shipped to the job site already grown-in at Instant Jungle’s nursery for approx. 3 months. Instant Jungle also pre-assembles irrigation emitters and tubing into the module, so it can quickly be attached to the main irrigation system once hung on the rails.

IMAG0415The modules and rails can be installed on any type of structurally sound wall, although we’ve been seeing a lot of these types of installations lately.  The modules can easily be removed to change plants or get at the substructure at a later point in time.


Completed in just a few days, the wall is ready for the grand opening!


We enjoyed working with Starbucks and Disney, two companies known for providing their guests with an excellent experience, and we are thrilled to be part of the “magical” atmosphere in the Downtown Disney District.



Re-Envisioned Marketplace

The new Villa Marina Marketplace is establishing itself as the spot for dining, shopping and entertainment in Marina del Rey. The mid-century modern architecture plans called for a  distinctive building design that would set the center apart as the future of retail in the area.
MMP-New-Environment1Landscape Architects EPT Design, were asked by Callison to research living walls as a way to add some punch to the shopping center remodel (see the living wall sketched in the center of the illustration above). We worked with Scott Goodman at EPT Design to explore their options and after comparing our VGM Modular Living Wall System to other systems they recognized that the Tournesol VGM was the best fit for this project.
Villa Marina full
The planting module attaches to stainless steel hanging rails, and once grown in it provides instant, complete coverage of the vertical surface. Using a broad pallet of plants gave the wall the splash of color that the architect was looking for. 
VGM growing in at nursery
The general contractor on the project, Deacon Constructioncontracted with  Tournesol partner Instant Jungle to provide a turnkey living wall. The modules were grown in at Instant Jungle’s Santa Ana location (shown above). This is definitely one of our favorite greenwall designs with our VGM system. The wall surrounds outdoor rooftop dining and overlooks Marina del Rey from atop Marina Marketplace as part of their 419,000 square foot multi-million dollar redevelopment.
Villa Marina left sideMarina Marketplace is currently Registered with U.S. Green Building Council and is pursuing LEED-CS Certification on portions of the project. 

Sheraton Delfina – Double-sided VGM living wall

Double-sided VGM Modular living wall at the Sheraton Delfina, Santa Monica
Double-sided VGM Modular living wall at the Sheraton Delfina, Santa Monica

We get many requests from designers that want to install double-sided VGM living walls. The Sheraton Delfina pooldeck project, designed by major hospitality design firm Dawson Design Associates, is the first opportunity we’ve had to get images of this type of installation. Dawson recently completed a “renovation & repositioning” (according to their website) of this downtown Santa Monica resort facility.

A steel-tube structure is anchored in an FRP Wilshire Collection planter
A steel-tube structure is anchored in an FRP Wilshire Collection planter

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Living Wall at Oceano Warner Center Apartments, Woodland Hills, CA

VGM3 Living Wall at Oceano Warner Center

Oceano Warner Center is a new apartment community located in the Warner Center area of Woodland Hills, CA. Technically part of Los Angeles, Warner Center is an edge city, designed as an urban area to relieve traffic congestion in the San Fernando Valley. Oceano was built with an urban aesthetic, and designed to meet all LEED requirements. The property is gorgeous, as you can see from these pictures. Continue reading Living Wall at Oceano Warner Center Apartments, Woodland Hills, CA

VGM Living Wall at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

West wall of the West Hall – Pitzer Residential Life Project Phase II – Photo courtesy of Pitzer College

Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges located in Claremont, CA, recently completed Phase 2 of their Residential Life project.  It included several different buildings, including the West Building shown above.  The combination of residential, academic and social space was awarded LEED Platinum status, which makes them a leader of elite liberal arts schools with LEED recognized mixed-use buildings. Continue reading VGM Living Wall at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

Unique VGM wall in Southern California

Cool VGM living wall installation uses the boxes' modularity

When it comes to creativity, the designers we work with have us here at Tournesol Siteworks beat hands down.  Architect Ross Andrews and Landscape Architect Jim Ridge came up with this design for a small living wall installed on a retail center in Fountain Valley, CA. Instead of viewing the modularity of the VGM system as a drawback, they leveraged the geometry to create something quite spectacular.

Installed by Matsunaga Landscape Maintenance, and grown in by our friends at Instant Jungle, this wall adds pop to an otherwise bland area.  The one column reaches all the way to the ground, which allows irrigation to be run up behind it. As the wall grows in, the variation in plant material’s colors will containue to add to the effect. A great installation, and one that shows what creativity can do on a budget.


Fixtures Living – an interior greenwall in a game-changing retail environment in Costa Mesa, CA

The Fixtures Living showroom in Costa Mesa, CA

We recently received several installation shots from our friends at Instant Jungle in Santa Ana. They worked with Kevin Evernham at Fitch, a leading retail architect in Scottsdale, AZ and Burke Construction on the showroom for Fixtures Living in Costa Mesa, CA. The people at Fitch describe the showroom best:

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