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Green Roofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2013


We’re looking forward to the summit, which kicks off next week. It is an entire month of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and research papers on one of our favorite topics – living architecture!  Think of it as a trade show, but without actually having to go anywhere to attend. Continue reading Green Roofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2013

We’ve been featured in LAND, the e-mail newsletter of the ASLA

Tournesol Siteworks and our line of living wall products was featured in this week’s LAND e-mail newsletter of the Am. Society of Landscape Architects.  They highlighted not only our VGM® and TerraScreen® products, but also the relatively newer VertiGreen® and VertiGreen Hybrid trellis and hybrid trellis systems.  This newsletter has been mailed to more than 20,000 landscape architects across the U.S.  To the ASLA – we’re pleased that you noticed!

Tournesol VGM at the Hotel Mira in Hong Kong

TerraScreen and Plant Solutions in Dr. Weil blog article

Joe Zazzera of Plant Solutions in Scottsdale just sent us over a link from an article that was just published on the www.drweil.com website. If you follow this blog you may have seen this post about Joe’s TerraScreen wall in his conference room, or this post about his exterior VGM edible wall/vegetable garden. The VGM edible wall just won an award at the Calscape Expo awards in San Diego, but we’ll save that for another post.

Joe has been experimenting with nearly all the different living wall systems out there, and coming up with a few ideas of his own.  He installed a large living wall at a restaurant in Orange County, CA, which somehow got the attention of the staff of the Dr. Weil MD website.  Dr. Weil, for those who don’t recognize him, is a best-selling health and wellness guru. According to Joe, the editorial staff of the website came over to his facility and took an extensive tour, learning about the different wall concepts.  Their favorite system, and the one mentioned first in the article, was the TerraScreen interior living wall.

A few of the highlights they mentioned:

  • Plants sit in individual plastic pots, each held within a larger wall-mounted metal frame
  • Can be built with attached irrigation tubing or plants can be hand-watered individually
  • No extra wall waterproofing needed
  • Typical uses: behind a reception desk or in an office lobby
  • Professionally installed cost: $120 per square foot

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks to Plant Solutions and www.drweil.com.

  • Plants sit in individual plastic pots, each held within a larger wall-mounted metal frame
  • Can be built with attached irrigation tubing or plants can be hand-watered individually
  • No extra wall waterproofing needed
  • Typical uses: behind a reception desk or in an office lobby
  • Professionally installed cost: $120 per square foot

Garden Design magazine features the Atlanta Botanical Garden

image courtesy of Erica George Dines/Atlanta Botanical Garden, via Garden Design magazine
Erica George Dines/Atlanta Botanical Garden, via Garden Design magazine

I just returned from a relatively lackluster AIA conference in Miami. It was as hot and humid as you would expect June to be in South Florida, and it gave a lot of architects an excuse for not going to the conference.  When I was leafing through the mail that had arrived while I was down there, I picked up Garden Design magazine, which in turn picked up my spirits.

There, in the first section of the magazine (they call it “fresh”), there was a complete article about the new Edible Garden section of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, featuring a full-size image of the living wall.

The article featured Bravo Top Chef star Kevin Gillespie (left), a local Atlanta chef preparing food at the outdoor kitchen, and related why the ABG went for an edible wall in the first place. I wasn’t aware until I read the article that the entire edible garden was built in the place of a former parking lot.

The walls appear to be growing in nicely, and are even being harvested for the cooking demonstrations held there. While not the only star of the show (check out the pictures to see all the different edible garden features), it makes for a spectacular backdrop to the edible garden section.

More of our walls in the news – “Art & Technology in the Landscape”

A shout out to our partners at CADdetails in Canada.  If you aren’t familiar with their service, they host a database of, you guessed it, CAD details of products for the designer.  We’ve worked with them for several years, and they have been a valuable resource for both us and for our clients.

This month, as part of their monthly e-newsletter, they featured an article entitled “Art & Technology in the Landscape”.  The article started with several unique solar products, and then launched directly into living wall, featuring images of the TerraScreen in the Plant Solutions conference room.  It shows how people view what we can do with living wall.

We also got a great mention in a blog entitled Living Walls and Vertical Gardens. We’ve been following this blog, as the author seems to find nearly every living wall installation out there, and does a good job presenting them.  He’s managed to build a lot of traffic!  This article goes into depth on the Plant Solutions wall, and gets a great quote by Joe Zazzera.  It’s worth taking a look at!

CNN features a story on the Mario Batali/Pizzeria Mozza living wall

We’re just not used to this kind of attention! It’s not even us, really, but our product features prominently.

You can read the story that accompanies this video here. The Batali restaurant group really believes in the concept – they are expanding the wall at the Pizzeria Mozza, and adding an interior wall to a restaurant in Vegas.

In addition to this story, Jim was interviewed today for a nationally-shown program on Fox Business. Stories are appearing in the mainstream media with regularity – looks like greenwall is where living roofs were 3 years ago!

In addition to being media darlings, Greenscaped Buildings is working on the first exterior installation of a TerraScreen system in a unique setting on top of a building in downtown San Diego.  They are installing in the next few days, and we’ll try to get images shortly thereafter.

Update: Jim was on Fox Business News, you can see the link here.  Elizabeth Meltz, the Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for the Batali/Bastianich Hospitality Group, wrote an article for the Huffington Post emphasizing their commitment to “being green” that you can see here.

Finding your name in print…

I keep a look out for anything that is published on the web about Tournesol Siteworks using Google’s great Google Alert tool.  Much to my surprise an article popped up today in the Canton (OH) Repository newspaper, reprinted from The Cleveland Plain Dealer, where I was quoted.  It was an article all about using window boxes to freshen up a home, and talks about the Flower Framer product. I can’t remember the interview, or if I even saw the original article.  The other quoted person was a master gardener at the local Smith & Hawken store, which makes you realize how these kinds of things live on in the cyberworld a long time after initial publication!

More VGM living walls in action

image courtesy CBS Channel 8 - San Diego

Greenscaped Buildings, a good customer and green building guru in San Diego, is in the news again.  Their local CBS affiliate did a segment on the edible wall he planted at his facility last March (view here).  It has several good views of his VGM edible garden, but also shows a row of VGM ready for planting (the Urban Core project, I believe).

The Pizzeria Mozza project (you can see the VGM growing in during the video) is now scheduled to be installed at the end of February.  They’ve told us that the plants are getting nice and full, just the way the client wants them.

We’ve also just received an order for a fantastic VGM living wall designed by Rios Clementi Hale in Los Angeles.  The project,  a private residence in Beverly Hills, will be installed by James H. Cowan & Associates of Malibu. The design uses the VGM integrated into a fountain wall, over a fountain basin with planter islands. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to show you images once this truly fabulous project is installed.

Bullis Bromeliads gets 1st Place Booth at TPIE with TerraScreen!

1st Place 10x20 Booth Award

Congratulations to Tournesol Siteworks TerraScreen distributor Bullis Bromeliads, who won the prestigious 1st place booth award at the 2010 TPIE in Ft. Lauderdale. Continue reading Bullis Bromeliads gets 1st Place Booth at TPIE with TerraScreen!

Tournesol living walls part of “People’s Choice Top 10 GreenSpec Products for 2009”


We might not have made the BuildingGreen.com editor’s top 10 list, but our VGM and TerraScreen living wall products were named as part of their People’s Choice Top 10 GreenSpec Products for 2009.   They compiled the list as follows:

Simple analysis of our website traffic statistics reveals which of those 2,000-plus products you read, researched, and generally clicked on most during 2009.

We’ve garnered a lot of good press for the developments in the living wall business thus far, but the BuildingGreen.com rankings showed that it’s not just the media that are interested.  While we’d be flattered to think that this is entirely due to our great products (and really good press releases), clearly the architectural and design community is very interested in living wall systems! We’ll see if the attention continues to build in 2010.