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Slabtown Comes Alive in Portland

Slabtown Marketplace in Northwest Portland, Oregon, is part of a larger adaptive reuse project proposed by GBD Architects and Holst Architecture, both of Portland, and adopted by the city in 2012. The Master Plan for the area will include mixed-use development with current office and warehouse buildings, and hopes to be the hub for Portland’s newest neighborhood, the Conway District.

Slabtown Marketplace, Portland, OR, VGM
©2016 David Papazian: David Papazian Photography

Slabtown Marketplace was originally built in 1952 as a 36,000 sq. ft. concrete shipping warehouse that has now been converted into three separate retail spaces.


GBD and Holst collaborated with Lango Hansen Landscape Architects to create a pedestrian walkway, as well as a beautiful gathering space and focal point to inspire community interaction. On the side of the wall facing the walkway, Lango Hansen utilized Tournesol SiteworksVGM Living Wall System and a series of Cor-Ten steel panels for visual interest.


Teufel Landscape, out of Hillsboro, Oregon, was responsible for pre-growing the plants and installing the living wall modules. The VGM3 system consists of 100% recycled plastic planting modules attached to stainless steel hanging rails. Each planting module, made of 100% recycled polypropylene, has a generous 4” or 8” soil profile. Because root growth isn’t limited to small cells or baffles like in other systems, plants grow healthier and stronger, which means lower maintenance yet more spectacular results.


Modules were shipped broken down to the jobsite, where they were assembled, filled with  VGM media block, and planted by Teufel Landscape. Grow-in was greatly accelerated using the specially engineered media block. The stainless steel rails require minimal penetrations and mount to the structurally sound wall. The installation was a success – and we love it when the designers each use the image on their own webpage!




Green Wall Getaway

This week, San Francisco is the place to be for green walls and green roofs at 

121We are proud to once again be exhibiting at the Cities Alive Conference. As an inspirational and educational event for the green roof and wall industry, it features over 100 speakers, exhibitor showcase, professional development courses and “green” city tours. This industry-wide collaboration is a great opportunity to explore living architecture and see what the future holds!

Tournesol Siteworks continues to be a leader in the green wall field with exciting new innovations and installations. We look forward to seeing you at the conference this week, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak at what it is all about – making an urban environment more green, healthy and beautiful.


Project: Juniper Networks of Sunnyvale, CA

RMW Architects of San Jose and Taniguchi Landscape Architecture of San Mateo contacted us about using our VGM Modular Living Wall on the new Juniper Networks parking garage. The structure is visible from across the campus including the outdoor patio spaces, and the goal was to enhance and soften the view of the parking structure.  Continue reading Green Wall Getaway

Showcasing a Green Wall

Celebrated as one of the highest vegetated walls in the Los Angeles area, the green wall at the  Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, CA is a spectacular design by Kollin Altomare and Wilson Associates Landscape Architects – a true showcase piece. The owner of the hotel plans to cover nearly the entire facade of the building with plants, but sensibly decided to put up a substantial “test wall” before proceeding further.


Installed by GreenScaped Buildings, the wall is 586 square feet, and incorporates 180 VGM 6” modules with a total of 2,880 plants. The Tournesol VGM® system is a recycled plastic living wall module attached to stainless steel hanging rails.  Once grown in it provides instant, complete coverage of any vertical surface.


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Great new musical video tour of VGM Living Walls in SoCal

Our friends at Greenscaped Buildings in San Diego recently put together a terrific video of several installations they’ve done in Los Angeles. Some we’ve previously featured in our blogs, others are seen here for the first time.

Continue reading Great new musical video tour of VGM Living Walls in SoCal

Follow up: VGM Living Walls still going strong!

VGM Living Wall at Fashion Valley Mall, 8 months after installation
VGM Living Wall at Fashion Valley Mall, 8 months after installation

If you read our blog occasionally, you know that we like to go back and look at projects once they are installed. We believe that a project is more than just the pretty picture taken immediately after install. Even when things go wrong (and they do, occasionally), we pride in making sure that we take care of the problems.

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Seasons 52 Living Wall – Century City, CA

It’s easy to be jealous of the publicity that Greenscaped Buildings’ projects keep getting for their work. They’ve been continuing their work with our VGM3 living wall product, most recently at the Seasons 52 restaurant in Century City. The news report below features this 100 sq. ft. living wall.

We appreciate their work, which makes us look great! We look forward to more coming up in 2013.

The Finished Product: VGM living wall at Fashion Valley Mall


All photos by Owen McGoldrick, courtesy of Greenscaped Buildings

Huge thanks to Jim Mumford and the entire crew at Greenscaped Buildings, who just provided us with photos of the finished living wall at Fashion Valley mall. The plaza and meeting place finishes out the area perfectly – the only way it could have been better would have been using our pots and benches! Continue reading The Finished Product: VGM living wall at Fashion Valley Mall

First Look: The Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego) living wall is up!

The living wall at Fashion Valley Mall – all photos courtesy Greenscaped Buildings

The living wall located at Simon Property’s Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego was installed August 8-10th by our friends at Greenscaped Buildings.  You may recall this post that showed the modules being grown in. Continue reading First Look: The Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego) living wall is up!

Upcoming VGM Living Wall at San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall

Planting the assembled Tournesol VGM modules – photos courtesy of Mission Landscape Architecture

The excitement is building, as installation approaches for a VGM Modular Living Wall at Simon Property Group’s Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.  This article was just published in the San Diego Business Journal:

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Mario Batali’s new Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach, CA

Photo courtesy Jim Fitzpatrick, Newport Beach Independent

Mario Batali is at it again!  One of our most popular blog topics last year was the installation of an edible living wall at Pizzeria Mozza’s first store in Los Angeles (see posts here and here and here). He and partner Joe Bastianich have expanded their Pizzeria Mozza concept, putting in their second store in Newport Beach, CA. The success of the Tournesol VGM edible living wall at the first store convinced them to make it a motif at the second.

Tournesol VGM modular living wall at Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach CA

Jim Fitzpatrick, in a column for the local Newport Beach Independent  reported on the new store a few days ago:

A drive down PCH may never be the same. Continue reading Mario Batali’s new Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach, CA