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VGP Climbing up the Wall in Houston

Houston, Texas, is one of the largest cities in the country, with an amazing mix of pro-sports, world-class restaurants, arts, and booming business. In the heart of Houston is the Westchase District, a prime business area known for the wide array of small, medium and large businesses located in the area. One office building with property management company Crimson Services, LLC, is located at 2500 Citywest Boulevard and recently desired a fresh green wall on an exterior section of the 25-story building.

Designer Lisa Taul, and Sales Consultant Jana Swatloski, both with Silversand Services out of Houston, coordinated with Crimson Services on this green wall project design. Our partner from Ewing Irrigation, Luis Andrade, was contacted by Lisa for his technical expertise and product knowledge of Tournesol Siteworks‘ green wall options for design possibilities, and project requirements.

Our VGP Tray-Based Living Wall System was chosen to create the “living art” design for the green wall. The VGP system offered versatility and easy installation, desired by this light commercial application, and a lush, rich-looking living wall at a price significantly lower than our VGM modular living wall.

The total dimensions of the living wall measure a whopping 9 feet high by 40 feet long! The green wall consists of over 1,000 VGP-01 trays, with each tray incorporating an anti-lift arm to prevent the trays from being “accidentally” removed, but requiring no other bolts or clips. For the plant sizes and the project budget, 90 of the VGP-1636 Mounting Panels were required to hang the VGP trays at standard 6″ intervals. The generously-sized pot will allow for long term growing, and easy replacement or change-out as desired.

Our partners at Ewing Irrigation have produced a video displaying the ease of mounting and installing our VGP Living Wall System  – click here to watch the video.


Silversand Services took great care choosing the appropriate plants for the environment and style of the green wall. Plants types included Bugleweed ‘Burgundy Glow’, Variegated Greater Periwinkle, Holly Fern, Aztec Grass, and Foxtail Fern.


What an amazing green wall with lush plants that will fully grow in beautifully within a few months! The tenants of 2500 Citywest Blvd. will be able to enjoy the green wall for a long time to come.

Looking ahead to Boston

Our team is looking forward to the 2013 ASLA annual meeting & expo. We are bringing our A-game! We’ll have our entire sales staff and products to show what is new for 2014, revisit great installations from the past year, and introduce you to our complete line of landscape solutions for the urban environment. Please stop by and visit us in Booth 1021!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products we will be showcasing:

The VGP tray living wall system
The VGP tray living wall system

Green Wall Systems: The new VGP hanging wall system with a range of mounting options make this system perfect for indoor and outdoor installations. The lower price points make it a perfect system for light commercial and residential applications. In addition, we’ll be showing an important addition to our VGM modular living wall system – a VGM3 media block. The media block, a stabilized organic soil system, requires no media bag and leads to faster grow-in and more consistent irrigation. It’s the perfect complement to the industry-leading VGM system.

The VGM living wall system
The VGM living wall system

The Buzz BenchAll the buzz at Dwell on Design and featured at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, this is the first east coast visit for our new bike bench. Developed by Luxxbox of Australia, this heavy-duty powder-coated steel bench can hold up to 6 bikes and provides a resting and meeting place for those who travel through our urban environment. The asymmetrical design combines multiple benches to create a variety of configurations.

2013-09-01-Shared Streets-BUZZ Bench copy

The Base Collection: Designed by Alexander Lotersztain, adds a touch of whimsy to cafe and al fresco dining. Simple and durable, the lightweight GFRC concrete table will hold up to the most demanding conditions, and its modern aesthetic works in any commercial, institutional or hospitality installation.base2

From living walls, lightweight pots and planters to drainage panels, paver supports and site furnishings, Tournesol Siteworks has been providing the landscape and architecture fields the tools they need to create inspiring spaces since 1979. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alarm on our new Zest FPR fiberglass pot
Alarm on our new Zest FPR fiberglass pot