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TWIG Benches and Urban Planters in Walnut Creek, CA

The Pacific Plaza in Walnut Creek, California, is an office property of CBRE which offers tenants unobstructed views of nearby Mount Diablo. Recently, the exterior landscape received a renovation to modernize and refresh the building, and to increase the curb appeal. Gates & Associates Landscape Architecture was the specifier and chose Tournesol Siteworks‘ products for the project.

White TWIG Benches with Urban Collection rectangular planters

Gates chose our Urban Collection planters with matching container irrigation. Along with the planters, Gates liked our TWIG benches in lightweight GFRC concrete. The three TWIG benches are highly configurable, modular seating that presents a pleasant, casual area in the front entrance of the Pacific Plaza. The installation of the planters and benches was completed by Brightview Landscape Development.

Round Urban Collection White Planters

Various sizes of our lightweight FRP Fiberglass Urban Collection round planters were arranged, and 15 Urban Collection rectangles measuring 36″ x 24″ x 24″. Inside the white planters, matching CWM Modular Self-Watering Systems reduce maintenance and are designed for use in any large planter, freestanding or otherwise. Reservoir modules are linked together and buried within the pot. The hand-filled reservoir utilizes Tournesol Siteworks’ vacuum-sensor system to precisely monitor the soil moisture in the container, giving plants exactly the amount of water they need.

Gates & Associates also specified our Drainage Control Products, which are used to evacuate planters where no drainage can be tolerated (such as this plaza), provide overflow for excess water, and control drainage. Our Drainage Systems are designed to integrate with our irrigation and containers, yet can also work well with pots or planters from any manufacturer. We now feature a special level of waterproofing (called TourneSeal) for critical applications like this.

Pacific Plaza Front Entrance

Gates & Associates created a nice, comfortable atmosphere at the Pacific Plaza and we were happy to have been chosen as part of this landscape remodel.


Urban on Oak in Walnut?

Small or large businesses can always use an update to their landscape design. Just 16 miles east of Oakland, CA, lies a cool town named Walnut Creek in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. It has a quaint feeling yet is a modern city with lots of shopping, fine restaurants and family-oriented neighborhoods.


At 2999 Oak Road, near the Contra Costa Transit Center in Walnut Creek, a new look has emerged. Cleary Brothers Landscape Company, Inc. contacted our partner distributors Imperial Sprinkler Supply, out of Livermore, CA.  Cleary installed Tournesol Siteworks’ Fiberglass FRP Urban Collection planters in the front plaza of the main entrance to the building.

2016-01-12 09.30.06

The sleek, modern and elegantly proportioned lightweight FRP Urban Collection pots and planters add a touch of style to this large plaza. Cleary requested our Urban Collection in square (48″Sq x 42″H), tall (24″Sq x 48″H) and rectangular (48″L x 24″W x 24″H) shapes. Inside the planters, they also installed our CWM Modular Container Irrigation Systems to fit the shape and size of each planter. The CWM system gives the ability to store incredible amounts of water and reduce maintenance.

2016-01-12 09.29.18

For the texture, they chose the smooth, conventional finish of  T-0 with a Metal Matched Paint (MMP) Iron color. Tournesol’s MMP Iron color mimics the look of the more expensive metal-infused iron finish and, unlike the real metals, won’t change over time – it will continue to provide predictability and stability.

2016-01-12 09.29.43

Under each Urban Collection planter, they placed our matching (depending on the size of the base ) Fiberglass Skirted Saucers in the MMP Iron color and smooth T-0 texture. We are happy this project requested our products and hope the public as well as the building occupants continue to enjoy the new planters.



Custom Hearth Warms the Northwest

Lately, the northwest has been jumping with projects and installations! Tournesol Siteworks has been involved with quite a few; one in particular is in Seattle’s South Lake Union district. This is a happening neighborhood near the Amazon campus that is full of commercial properties. The Radius, new apartments at 400 Boren Street, is a seven-story complex with over 280 units, and runs half of a city block at 43, 200 square feet. With more apartments now, the area is the epitome of the live, work, play Seattle lifestyle.


Architecture and landscape architectural firm Weber Thompson, from Seattle, WA, created an amazing building containing private spaces, upper level terraces, large windows and an “E” shape design to the back of the building allowing light and air flow. On the rooftop and amenity decks on the third, eighth and ninth floors, Weber Thompson specified our Wilshire Collection  Fiberglass FRP round, square and rectangular shaped pots and planters in various dimensions. Weber also specified square and round lightweight GFRC Downtown Collection pots on the eighth and ninth floor amenity decks, installed by Compass Construction, Kirkland, WA.


For the rooftop on the 9th floor, we engineered a custom hearth in lightweight GFRC per design specifications (as you can see in the photo above). Dimensions of the custom hearth are massive at 130″L x 64″W x 20″T, with 72″L x 25.25″W x 8.5″T recess in the center, including six 2″ x 12″ air intake. The center of the burner recess is hollow, so they used our adjustable VersiJack support pedestals and VersiJack Base Slope Correctors for easy access to conduit and electrical equipment, and to conceal these services below the hearth. The VersiJack pedestal‘s broad, stable base can support more weight than any other pedestal system.

On the ground floor, near the main entrance to the building, Weber Thompson wanted to plant a tree but didn’t want to exceed certain height limits, due to the windows, and the soil depth needed for the tree roots. Their solution was to place our Wilshire round planter inside a cast-in-place concrete planter (as shown in the photo above) to allow the tree’s soil depth to increase yet not exceed the window height requirements.

Weber Thompson created a wonderful structure on this architectural and landscape design project and we were happy to be involved. The neighborhood is booming and the beauty of this project speaks for itself.

“Urban” Glows in Southern California

Tournesol Siteworks had the pleasure of collaborating on a project for Southern California Edison (SCE), one of America’s largest electric utility companies that has been providing power for over 125 years. Their corporate headquarters is located in Rosemead, California, and the project focused on updating the courtyard plaza landscape to a modern environment.


Landscape Architects RPALA Group created a beautiful, elegant and appealing design for all to enjoy. RPALA Group collaborated with SCE for their desired landscape designs and preferences. SCE contacted Tournesol Siteworks directly and chose square and rectangular planters from our lightweight FRP Fiberglass Urban Collection. Mariposa Landscapes, out of Irwindale, CA, installed the planters and filled the pots with lush greenery. DSC_0708

Sleek, simple and elegantly proportioned, the Urban Collection planters add a decorative style and urban feel to the application in the courtyard plaza. Since the planters were placed in a high traffic area, we recommended the T-2 texture because of its durability. The texture is applied to the FRP Fiberglass prior to painting, to enhance the endurance of the finish and to prevent scratching and abrasions.


They chose the MMP Aluminum color, which mimics the look of the more expensive metal-infused Aluminum finish. The MMP Aluminum paint, unlike the real metal, won’t rust over time! SCE’s employees and clients enjoy the Urban Collection planters as they provide predictability and elegance to their headquarters in Rosemead.


Sacramento Int’l Airport – Terminal B Addition

Tournesol Siteworks' Metro Collection FRP planters in metal-infused Aluminum were used throughout the interior terminal
Tournesol Siteworks’ Metro Collection FRP planters in metal-infused Aluminum were used throughout the interior terminal

Last fall Tournesol Siteworks provided the decorative planters and container irrigation systems for the brand-new airport terminal in Sacramento, CA.  Our self-watering planters are already used on the existing terminal, so we were delighted when vanderToolen Landscape Architecture suggested using us for Terminal B. Continue reading Sacramento Int’l Airport – Terminal B Addition

Custom FRP Planters at Simons Center, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Simons Center for Geometry & Physics at SUNY Stonybrook

During a recent trip to Long Island, I was able to visit a project that we delivered two years ago. The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is an amazing structure, added onto the already impressive mathematics building at SUNY Stony Brook. Continue reading Custom FRP Planters at Simons Center, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

A stroll across the production floor

Casting the Urban Collection square trash receptacle in FRP fiberglass

One of the best parts about doing what we do is watching the product come together. I’m struck by the amount of hand craftsmanship that goes into creating product that satisfies our quality standards.

FRP containers curing after the final finishing step

A week ago I posted about the hand buffing that goes on to create a metal-infused finish.  I decided to continue the series by simply walking around the production floor and snapping some images.

Continue reading A stroll across the production floor

A big job completed in a hurry – the Kravis Center at Claremont-McKenna College

Wilshire Collection planters at the Kravis Center, Claremont-McKenna College

There are more to some jobs than meets the eye. This is one of those.

When Diane Fazio of Land Images in Los Angeles called us about this project, the clock was already ticking. Because of structural problems, a reflecting pool slated to surround this Rafael Viñoly-designed lounge in the center of the new signature entrance to the university couldn’t be installed. Yet the opening of the building was only two weeks away! This building is a big deal, and the reflecting pool was a very obvious component of this building:

Kravis Center consists of the construction of a five-level, 162,000 square-foot academic and administrative facility and will serve as the western gateway to the Claremont McKenna campus. The overall project includes offices, classrooms, seminar rooms, an underground parking structure, and outdoor courtyards. (from the university’s website)

Diane wanted to know if we had enough material on hand to be able to provide them with planters to ring the area originally intended for the pool. That worked out to be nearly 330 linear feet of planters!  Not only that, but could we finish it and deliver prior to the dedication in two weeks?

Continue reading A big job completed in a hurry – the Kravis Center at Claremont-McKenna College

New Tournesol Recyclers at Claremont University Consortium in Southern California

Tournesol's new recyclers - Model WR-REC-02 in the Shadow finish

Earlier this year we announced our new options for ash and trash cans, as well as a line of recyclers in our Urban and Wilshire Collections.  We just got a few images of the first installation of the recyclers, at Claremont University Consortium’s Administrative Campus Center, located in Claremont, CA. Because they are located around a public cafeteria area, they’ll see the kind of use that they were designed for! Continue reading New Tournesol Recyclers at Claremont University Consortium in Southern California