The kind of emails we like to get – City Plantscaping and the Total Longterm Care TerraScreen

photos courtesy of City Plantscaping

We received an email today that speaks for itself:

Just wanted to thank you guys for your help. We purchased a TerraScreen through The Plant Ranch in Denver. We had to meet a deadline for a grand opening and because of your help we made it! At the grand-opening people were gathered around the wall, smelling the herbs, talking about how to use them and generally really getting into it.

The email, from Jean-Pierre Sijmons of City Plantscaping, was great.  They installed a double-sided TerraScreen with herbs on one side, and tropicals on the other.  Again, directly from his description:

City Plantscaping installed a movable edible wall at the new LEED designed, Total Longterm Care  state-of-the-art headquarters in Denver.
The wall is placed in their lunch room to provide the employees with herbs and vegetables and show TLC’s commitment to sustainability. The wall is double sided and has besides a herb vegetable side, it also a decorative tropical plant side. The wall can be easily moved and used as a divider in the lunchroom.

the "other" side!

Our thanks to Jean-Pierre and our friends at the Plant Ranch!!

Urban Corps Edible Wall Article – San Diego Union-Tribune

photo: Earnie Grafton, San Diego Union-Tribune

This great article in the San Diego Union-Tribune highlights the use of the VGM system for an edible wall application at the Urban Corps non-profit in San Diego.  The Urban Corps “trains at-risk youths for the workplace with an emphasis on green jobs such as recycling”, and has installed a full edible garden on the roof of their building.  Of course the work was done by our friends at Greenscaped Buildings in San Diego – just one of the many living walls they’ve put in recently.  Check out the article to find out more…

photo: Earnie Grafton, San Diego Union-Tribune

Harvesting the edible VGM wall at Greenscaped Buildings

photo courtesy of Greenscaped Buildings

When Jim at Greenscaped Buildings originally planted veggies and edibles in his VGM living wall last year, it was the first time, to our knowledge, that anyone had done this with VGM in the U.S.  The trial has proven to be a success! They’ve just harvested the VGM modules (see the picture above).  Check out his blog to see more images, including pictures of their carrots, beets and strawberries. It’s fun, healthy, and proves what you can do with a VGM module!

CNN features a story on the Mario Batali/Pizzeria Mozza living wall

We’re just not used to this kind of attention! It’s not even us, really, but our product features prominently.

You can read the story that accompanies this video here. The Batali restaurant group really believes in the concept – they are expanding the wall at the Pizzeria Mozza, and adding an interior wall to a restaurant in Vegas.

In addition to this story, Jim was interviewed today for a nationally-shown program on Fox Business. Stories are appearing in the mainstream media with regularity – looks like greenwall is where living roofs were 3 years ago!

In addition to being media darlings, Greenscaped Buildings is working on the first exterior installation of a TerraScreen system in a unique setting on top of a building in downtown San Diego.  They are installing in the next few days, and we’ll try to get images shortly thereafter.

Update: Jim was on Fox Business News, you can see the link here.  Elizabeth Meltz, the Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for the Batali/Bastianich Hospitality Group, wrote an article for the Huffington Post emphasizing their commitment to “being green” that you can see here.

Mario Batali’s “Pizzeria Mozza” Edible Living Wall installed

The finished edible wall at Pizzeria Mozza

We were delighted to see the results of the final installation of the edible living wall at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza restaurant in Los Angeles. More importantly, the staff from Pizzeria Mozza and the whole restaurant group (shown below with their new wall) were delighted with the results.  They had opted to go with the VGM system over several less-expensive solutions, and were really impressed by the end result.  So impressed, in fact, that they’ve already asked the crew from Greenscaped Buildings to add two more rows higher!  More installation images after the break.

The Pizzeria Mozza staff and their new living wall (image courtesy Falcon Valley Group)

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First look – VGM modules growing in for the Atlanta Botanical Garden Edible Garden

all images courtesy of Sauls Nursery

We received the first images today of the VGM™ modules destined for the new edible garden section at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  We’re working with our distributor Sauls Nursery, who is doing all the hard work – assembling the modules, filling it with their proprietary soil blend, then planting plugs to the designer’s specifications.  The finished product, designed by AECOM in Atlanta and Mesa Design Group in Dallas, will be installed by ValleyCrest Landscape later this spring. It will be approx. 52′ long x 8′ high, and will feature more than 4000 plants of 14 different species. More pictures after the break.

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More on Edible Living Walls featuring Tournesol…

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Greenscaped Buildings, our partner that is installing, among other things, edible living walls at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles and another at Urban Core, a non-profit in San Diego, passed along this link to a San Diego foodie blog.

Caron Golden, of “To Market, To Market, with San Diego Foodstuff”, visited Jim Mumford and took the opportunity to review his edible wall work (much thanks for her permission to reprint the section shown below): Continue reading