The Town of Dedham – Plant, Preserve, Promote

Dedham, originally called Contentment, was founded in 1635, when the General Court granted land south of the Charles River to twelve men. The fertile grassy meadows of the Charles River provided an ideal spot for the new settlement of Contentment, now Dedham.”  Today it continues to grow thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers known as The Friends of Dedham Civic Pride.


This non-profit group is “dedicated to improving the overall physical and aesthetic appearance of Dedham.” This years’ projects include sidewalk and traffic landscaping, sidewalk curb appearance and durability, addition of new bicycle racks and a tree planting and parks improvement program.

John Haven, a town resident and a landscape architect with Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture, stepped up to help Dedham Civic Pride with these major improvements. In a volunteer role with the organization, they worked closely with local boards, agencies and civic organization to develop, plan and implement the landscaping projects.


Thank you, John, for including Tournesol Siteworks in the plan! Throughout town a variety of our Downtown collection pots were used including 24″ and 36″ Rounds and 36″ Bowls. Shark color was specified in a P1 texture. This lightly sanded finish helps the planters stand up to pedestrian traffic. It is less likely to show scuff and dirt marks which keeps down maintenance labor and cost. Each of the planters also includes a CWM Modular container irrigation system that has helped keep the new plants healthy and thriving in the recent Boston heatwave. Our irrigation systems are available for any pot size, and, again, help keep down maintenance and water costs by providing more efficient watering.


The City of Dedham is just finishing up a 3 year, 6 million dollar streets cape renovation, and the last thing missing were planters and site furnishings. Our planters proved to be just the right scale for the project. Thanks to LeBlanc Landscape Archtiecture for recommending us partly based on their firm’s past experience with Tournesol Siteworks on other commercial projects.


Congratulations to Dedham Civic Pride on completion of a great project and special thanks goes out to those involved in the “planter project:”

Dedham Civic Pride- Sue Hicks and Amy Black
Town of Dedham- Jason Mammone and Joe Flanagan

These are a few of our favorite things

The end of a year wouldn’t be the complete without a top ten list – so here are a few of our favorite things (in no particular order!)

1. Rooftop garden at 1130 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago


19 custom WS-7200 planters in metal-infused aluminum.  We love the way they put the planters in place first, then built the decking around them.

2. Barnes & Noble TWIG bench project, Palo Alto, CA

Barnes & Noble TWIG 2

The campus is a cool place already, but the TWIG makes an incredible statement, providing a focal point, communal meeting point, and artistic element all in one.  It’s hard to imagine another product that could have that kind of impact there.

3. The CCDC project, Washington, DC

CCDC Production (4)

Every project can’t be accurately depicted with just a pretty picture! This project was immensely complicated, from a design, tooling & manufacturing standpoint. The customer pushed our timeline on several occasions, and our team responded every time. The product itself probably won’t go down as particularly memorable, although it was nearly 75 unique FRP planter liners, but our performance, in our mind, stood heads and shoulders above anything else we’d been called to do this year. We are rather proud of this one!

4. Our new color palette

Apple @ Gables Uptown Trail, Dallas, TX

Apple @ Gables Uptown Trail, Dallas, TX

Additions to our new standard colors were a big seller this year as they just can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Shown here in apple, we have also added mandarine, alarm, canary and puddle. We will be keeping our eyes out for the new color trends of 2014, and color matching is always available.

5. Everyone’s abuzz about the Buzz Bench…

NWCD2 - 27-2

…And, how can you not be! The Buzz Bike Bench was a hit at Dwell on Design and followed that up with a submission at the Museum of Craft & Design in SF. We look forward to future collaborations with Luxxbox of Australia.

Something to brighten up your day

Sometimes a graceful planter is all you to brighten up your day or a cityscape. The City of Norwalk, CT wanted to bring some color to the business district and make it more inviting for people to visit.


Designed by the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency, it was a rather straight-forward project. The agency choose what they wanted from visiting our website, and then worked with our inside sales staff to flush out the details. They choose over 50 planters from our Downtown Collection. This classic collection, with distinctive curves, soft corners and tall, elegant proportions adds a modern flair to any project. In round, square and rectangular shapes, the variety of sizes are useful for flower and color displays.

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Colorful Containers by Popular Demand

We get a lot of requests for pots, planters and trellis products finished in unique, project-specific colors. We can only offer so many as standard, so we color match on a regular basis. Some of these colors eventually find their way to our blog, advertisements, or on our websites. Slowly but surely, we get more and more customers asking for specific non-standard colors.

Due to their popularity, we recently added several of these colors, plus a few more, to our standard color pallet for all our FRP fiberglass pots.  Shown first at Dwell on Design this year, the new “standards” have gotten terrific response!


They are all available now, at no additional cost. We’re still happy to match colors for specific projects, and we always welcome color requests and suggestions from our clients. Continue reading

Gables Uptown Trail, Dallas, TX

Downtown Collection Planters at the Gables Uptown Trail complex, Dallas - photos courtesy of Ewing Irrigation

Downtown Collection Planters at the Gables Uptown Trail apartment complex, Dallas – photos courtesy of Ewing Irrigation

The Downtown Collection is officially the hottest shape of the season. Just based upon  recent installations (the Westport Plaza in St. Louis) and one soon to come (the City of Norwalk, CT), we’re having trouble keeping them in stock!!

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Westport Plaza – St. Louis, MO

Westport Plaza, St. Louis, MO - all photos courtesy of Farthingale Ornamentals

Westport Plaza in St. Louis, MO – all photos courtesy of Farthingale Ornamentals

Owned by Lodging Hospitality Management and managed by Cassidy – Turley, the Westport Plaza is a new style of business park/shopping center/entertainment complex. According to their website: Continue reading

Terrace at Central Michel Richard – restaurant at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

The new terrace at the entrance to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Tournesol Siteworks was part of one of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas last fall when renowned Washington DC chef Michel Richard opened his newest eatery, Central Michel Richard at Caesars Palace. The restaurant was named to several “Top 10″ lists within months of opening. Landscape architect Chris Attanasio designed the outdoor terrace using our Wilshire Collection rectangles to create the terrace space, and Downtown Collection as focal planters.

Downtown Collection DS-6000 planters, in a custom shade of green

More images after the jump…

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Los Feliz Residence in the Los Angeles Times

Los Feliz Residence - photos courtesy of Park Slope Landscape

A while back we featured a few images of a residential project in a blog post titled “Another satisfied customer”. Joan Grabel of Park Slope Landscape worked on the Gurman Residence in Santa Monica, transforming a beatiful 1924 home with an average landscape into something special.

Not only did she send a few images to us (and thank us for a job well done), she submitted the project to the Pro Portfolio section of the Los Angeles Times.

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Another satisfied customer…


Photo courtesy Joan Grabel, Parkslope Design

Sometimes the shortest emails are the nicest -

Jon Willingham, our regional sales representative for Southern California, copied us on an email he received recently from Joan Grabel of Park Slope Design:

Jon, attached is a photo of the Los Feliz house with ‘Downtown’ GFRC pots.  Looks great!!

We agree, she’s done great work here! Joan is an exhibiting artist in the Los Angeles area, who created Park Slope Design to “expand her art from the canvas to the landscape”. She’s a featured designer on HGTV, and another satisfied Tournesol Siteworks customer. Thanks, Joan!


Clark Hotel, Los Angeles

Downtown and Wilshire Collection planters, The Clark Hotel, Los Angeles

We recently worked with Syntax Builders on the pool deck of the Clark Hotel. This historic hotel in the heart of downtown L.A. was built in 1913, and known for most of its years as the Hotel Clark. The current owners are adding a pool and lounge area, and reopening the building as a 350-room hotel.

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