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Imagine & Innovate 2014

From our December email blast…tournesolsiteworks_jan_13

Nobody is innovating greenwall like Tournesol Siteworks! This year we’ve watched the living wall market’s continued growth – but recognized we’re still in the early days. We’ve knitted together a network of reliable installing contractors that know and understand our systems, and got tremendous feedback that has continued to drive our development efforts. Looking forward to 2014, we are excited about the new products that enhance our already market-leading VGM modular living wall, and expanding the opportunities to put greenwall in places where it wasn’t practical before. With the start of a new year, this is the time to explore your options regarding green wall installations.

Living Wall install2.index-4.php

Our new sponge-like stabilized media block for VGM living wall modules answers many of the questions that customer ask. The stabilized media simplifies irrigation and leads to a more uniform moisture level as well as minimizes falling soil (even without the media bag). The unique structure ensures aeration at the plant ‘s roots, which speeds grow-in and keeps plants at their healthiest. We work with one of the leading horticulturalists working with this type of material – it’s a great fit.


The VGP is our inventive tray-based green wall system. It’s a cost-efficient solution for small to medium size walls. The installation above, at a private residence in Marin County, was set up last week and will be planted this week. VGP is perfect for residential and light commercial installations. Look for our advertisements in the most upcoming issues of LAM and Architectural Record. Explore your options!


Our new full-line catalog is coming!! This year’s book will be 112 pages of applications, images, product information and technical data.  We’re anticipating that it will be mailed mid-January.  If you feel like you haven’t been on our mailing list for catalogs in a while (and would like a mailed copy), please send your contact information to catalog@tournesolsiteworks.com.


This year we’re approaching the organization of the catalog somewhat differently. In the past we’ve usually put the “newer” product groups towards the front, and put the pots & planters (still our biggest single category) towards the back. We’re now dividing things between “product you can see” (site furnishings, pots & planters, our new Boulevard wood tiles) towards the front, and the “stuff you don’t” (deck & paver pedestalsgreenwallcontainer irrigationroot barrier & drainage control) towards the back. With products grouped in six categories, it’s a lot to organize!  We hope that it will be easier to use, and would appreciate your feedback.



Our New Catalog is Here!

It’s finally here!  Once we finished with our new website, the marketing team needed something else to do. We went to work on the catalog – in the last two years, we’ve increased its size by more the 35%!

We added 20 pages (its now 120 pages) and well over 25 new products, including our new benches and tables (including TWIG and the new Flow planter bench), as well as our entire range of deck and paver support products. We’ve been selling most of these for almost a year, so it’s about time we got them in the book.

New for this year are sections detailing design services we’ve begun offering, as well as a new “project board” feature for each product group. We show off several new installations and link to its blog posting for more information.

The cover photo (above), a fantastic residential terrace on a high rise in Chicago, was just featured in our blog here. The Urban and Wilshire Collection pots (with CWM irrigation) have been on the patio for over four years, and still look terrific. The owner contacted after receiving our last newsletter to share how pleased they are with our product!

 You can download a PDF version of our catalog here, or send an email to request that one be mailed to you.