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A Designer’s Delight: Our New Cafe & Casual Furniture Category

As we’ve been introducing site furnishings into our lineup, designers keep asking for more – more mobile, more fun, more casual!  We dipped our toe into the water last year with theBase Collection table and stools, but now that we’ve joined in partnership with Luxxbox of Brisbane, Australia, we’re diving in the deep end!


In addition to the cool Buzz Bike Bench and the enigmatic Rune lounge, Luxxbox features a range of stools, tables, benches and casual furniture. Head designer Jason Bird creates using bright, fun colors in lightweight materials, engineered for commercial-grade use. Their product provides a whole new dimension to our range, giving us more solutions for rooftop spaces in any kind of installation.


The South Chair (shown above) recently was a finalist for the NYC Battery Conservancy’s  “Draw up a Chair” competition.


Brisbane’s design scene is on the upswing – Jason and Luxxbox were recently featured in a fantastic article in Travel & Leisure magazine. Read the entire article about the design scene down under here.

TerraScreen goes Down Under…

photo courtesy of Rudy Ursem, Plant Design

The TerraScreen continues to make its way around the world! You can find one at our partner’s office in Dubai, and most recently I received a picture from Rudy Ursem at Green Design in Sydney. They wanted to try out the system, and have been working with our partner A-Z Irrigation in Australia. They put their first one up in their conference room to see how it works. Rudy didn’t think there was anything special about it – we beg to differ!

They are currently looking at using them without irrigation in several applications. They like the sub-irrigation component, and think that they can make it work with their current 4-week maintenance rotations.