Garfield Park Conservatory, Part 1 – Hanging Rails & Module Ass’y

garfield empty wall


We have so many pictures of the installation process for the Garfield Park Conservatory (a demonstration wall for the Chicago Park District), that we thought it would be easier to break this into different posts.  Continue reading Garfield Park Conservatory, Part 1 – Hanging Rails & Module Ass’y

Pure Living, Orlando, FL

Pure Living, Orlando, FL 022

At Tournesol Siteworks we’re used to our containers being used for a lot of fairly unique things – but this one is the first that we’ve got pictures of!  At Pure Living condominiums in Heathrow, FL (near Orlando), Del American Realty has replaced the plants with Continue reading Pure Living, Orlando, FL

Living Walls are in the news…but is it the right message?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding living walls in the news in the last few days. First, this article in Time Magazine named the Living Wall concept #31 on it’s top 50 inventions of 2009. They highlighted the work of Patrick Blanc, who’s been innovating in the space for years.  This article in the New York Times highlighted Tournesol customer Kari Katzander of Mingo Design (see her work on p. 40 of our new catalog) and Continue reading Living Walls are in the news…but is it the right message?

Projects, People and Products

Tournesol logo_RGBIf you’ve found this post, you’ve found the beginning of our Projects, People and Products section on our website. 

There is a lot going on at Tournesol Siteworks, and we figured you might be interested in what we’re working on, what kinds of projects our products are used in, and what’s going on with the company.  We’ll post projects, product developments, company news, environmental updates, and anything else that seems relevant.

This section of the site uses a blog format, so the easiest way to find what you are interested in is either by searching (use the search bar to the right), or using the categories shown in the box below.  The project posts are categorized by the type of installation, and the product information is broken down by product family. 

We welcome comments, discussions, and feedback to any and all posts here.  The comments will be moderated, but not censored – excepting, of course, those not suitable for a public forum.

We’re also linking this to our new facebook page – I hope you’ll take the time to go to the page ( and become a “fan”. We’ll be linking our Projects, People and Products posts to that page, so you can stay up to date on what’s new here.  We also have a discussion forum at the facebook page, so if you have questions regarding our products, their use, or other questions you can address them to our community there.