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All the Buzz at Museum of Craft & Design

We had an exciting night last Friday at the Museum of Craft and Design in SF. Our Buzz Bench was selected to be part of the New West Coast Design 2 exhibit highlighting experimental works in traditional and new materials. We were thrilled to be included with the other architects, industrial and interiors designers, design groups and craft artists working with advance technologies. Curated by Kathleen Hanna and Ted Cohen, this exhibit “focused on the design process itself and how this impulse is manifested by a wide variety of individuals.”

NWCD2 - 2-2

In our case, it was the the humble bike rack that required a significant re-think. As our urban environment continues to develop, so too does activity around bicycle commuting. And so, the Buzz Bike Bench by Jason Bird of Luxxbox in Brisbane, Australia was developed. As a lifestyle element that can allow large numbers of bikes to parked and locked, it also functions as a meeting place for the urban warrior to sit, relax,  or simply spend some time in the community – the Buzz of city life.

NWCD2 - 34-2

Patio Garden at the Swedish Medical Center – Seattle

Wilshire Collection rectangles and VertiGreen trellis at the MS Center, Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hil

We published a post a few months ago regarding the interior living wall that was installed at the Swedish Medical Center in Cherry Hill, WA. While an impressive project on its own, it was only a portion of a larger installation. Designed by Callison Architecture and installed by The Interior Foliage Company, this outdoor garden is immediately outside of the elevator lobby that holds the living wall. We’re especially proud of this project, as it shows how Tournesol Siteworks products can provide a wide range of products for a patio garden. Our design customization was critical to the success of the job. Continue reading Patio Garden at the Swedish Medical Center – Seattle

A new job opportunity at Tournesol Siteworks…

We recently started looking for an Inside Sales Coordinator/Customer Service person to work in our Hayward office.  A brief description of the position:

The inside sales coordinator/customer service person provides coordination between clients, production, accounting and sales teams through the timely exchange of information and resolution of requests, via telephone, email and mail.

This person should have a few years experience in sales or customer service.  Most importantly, they should be very organized and do a thorough job – there are a lot of balls to juggle in this position, and it is critical to keep them all going. If you or someone you know might be interested, you can point them to this job description.

Working towards environmental excellence…

The Tournesol Commitment

We’re working, slowly but surely on our Tournesol Commitment. One of the elements that was included in our commitment to the community was making an effort toward environmental excellence. We have a long way to go, but it is important to start! Find out about our initial efforts after the break.

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First Look: Amazing TerraScreen Interior Living Wall in the SoHo Neighborhood of NYC

All photographs courtesy of Town & Gardens Ltd.

Meet Hanna – and welcome to her wall.  Not her wall, technically – it belongs to a commercial client in Manhattan.  It graces the interior of their SoHo neighborhood offices. But Hanna is a senior designer with Town & Gardens, Ltd., and this is her baby. She’s justifiably proud of her work. More images after the jump…

The upper story of the wall, shown from the second level

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Mixed Signals at the ASLA Conference in Washington, DC

@ the ASLA Conference, Washington DC

We just finished another ASLA conference, this one in Washington, DC.  It was a year for truly mixed signals – at least from our perspective. We were really looking forward to this year’s conference. The Mid-Atlantic/Washington DC market has been a very good one for us, and we anticipated that there would be a lot of landscape architects there.  We feel like the worst of the construction recession is behind us, and expected that would be the case with the visitors to the show.

It didn’t really seem to be the case. We certainly can’t claim that our experience was the same as the other vendors at the show, or that we spoke to a representative sample of visitors. That being said, we’ve done an awful lot of these conferences over the years, and this one definitely had a “mediocre” feel to it.

We’ve pulled together a full laundry-list of observations after the jump…

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Upcoming September Trade Shows – Calscape (San Diego) & ASLA (Washington DC)

We’ve got several trade show/conferences coming up, and hope that you’ll be able to join us at one of them!

The Calscape show, put on by the Plantscape Industry Alliance, is taking place on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before Labor Day.  It promises to be a great event!  One highlight will be a field tour on Wednesday of Greenscaped Building/Good Earth Plants facility in San Diego. They have our TerraScreen® living wall indoors, a VGM® edible garden outdoors, and a VertiGreen® Hybrid as well.  They will have a broad spectrum of green roof and living wall technologies on display.

At the show we’ll be showing off the versatility of the TerraScreen® interior living walls on stands. This combination allows us to make a “mobile garden”, as one of our clients called it,  and really liberated the use of interior green walls.  We’ll also be showing off the newest 3rd generation VGM® module, VertiGreen® Hybrid, as well as our pots, planters, and irrigation.

The conference is being held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, located right downtown.  If you want to find out more about attending, call us for details!

The National Am. Soc. of Landscape Architects meeting will be taking place at the Washington, DC Convention Center from September 10-13.  We love the opportunity each year to connect with our landscape architectural clients, and this year is no exception. The location is central enough that anyone from the Mid-Atlantic seaboard should try to make it.

While in town, you should go by the United States Botanical Gardens (on the National Mall) and check out the VGM® modular living wall that they created. It is a great coincidence for us – last year we had just installed the Garfield Park Conservatory living wall in Chicago before the ASLA, and this year the US Botanical Gardens.  There is a very large living wall specified for an exciting new Sir Richard Rogers-designed project on New Jersey St., but that doesn’t appear to be going in until next spring.

We’re also working with the firm of Oehme Van Sweden on this year’s ASLA Legacy project, which will benefit Coolidge High School in Washington.  We’ll be donating several large containers to go at the entrance of the garden that they are creating at the school.  We’re always pleased to be associated with projects that expand the awareness  of landscapes and green building in schools.

If you are interested in getting a show-only day pass for the conference, give us a call at 800-542-2282. We still have a few passes left, and would be glad to see you at the show!