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It’s Tuesday – where am I??

Roofdecks at the CCDC project (using our planter liners), Washington DC

“Why do all the industry trade shows get stacked on top of one another?”, I found myself thinking after ten days on the road. The last six weeks have been full of travel & conferences – Bond MultiFamily (a meetup of architects & product manufacturers specializing in multi-family residential construction) in April, followed by the mid-year meeting of the Landscape Architecture Foundation in Washington DC in early May.  The photo above was taken of the CCDC project in Washington during the LAF meeting. We provided planter liners for the roofdeck gardens for this spectacular project – we’ll feature it in a blog post soon.

HD Expo
Visiting with designers at the HD Expo in Las Vegas – the South Chair in white, the Pillow Chair in orange

From there it was on to trade shows – Over the past two weeks we’ve exhibited at the American Institute of Architects National Convention (Atlanta), the Hospitality Design Expo (Las Vegas), the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (in New York with our partners from Luxxbox), and finally RECon (Las Vegas), the exhibition of the Intenational Council of Shopping Centers.

We met with well over 500 architects, interior designers, landscape architects and shopping center owners/managers.  There’s nothing like listening to your existing and potential customers – enlightening, to say the least.

hd expo linq
Viewing installed GFRC Urban Collection planters at the Linq, Las Vegas


Some of the highlights from the shows:

The South Chair and the Pillow Chair (see photo below). Both come in bright, interesting colors which grab designer’s attention. We knew that bright colors were in – but this confirmed it. While very different in execution, they herald our entrance into the cafe and casual furniture business.

Combine wood with brightly colored metal or concrete and people will notice it. Our Boulevard wood, whether in planters, furnishings or flooring, was the clear star of the show. The sustainable story, combined with its natural good looks makes it easy to get excited about.

Tournesol partner James Shaffer of Streetscapes with an architect in our booth at RECon – The South Chair in black and berry, the Pillow Chair in orange

We’ve traditionally found our “sweet spot” with landscape architects.  Nevertheless, architects have been showing greater interest in the range of products we offer – especially living walls, wood decking and pedestals, Wilshire Box hanging planters and VersiCell drainage panel.  Being at the AIA convention was a great experience this year.

A surprise from this series of shows was the number of commercial interior designers that actively specify products in our markets. We met several that have specified us in the past (especially in the hospitality business), and most really like the work we do. It was a great reminder that our reach is sometimes greater than we think!

Checking out the recent installation of Brisbane benches featuring Boulevard wood near Las Vegas

Planter beds on roofdecks and podium construction using precast pots

Custom 3-part GFRC planter, 30’L x 6’W

We get a lot of questions about creating roofdeck and podium planter beds. The demand reamins strong for these features, but making them is more complicated than it seems.

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Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Vail, CO

all photos couresy Scott Doman, Water Logic Technologies

We were delighted to be chosen to provide the planters and irrigation systems for the on-structure planters at the brand-new Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Vail, CO this past spring. The project was specified by SE Group from Burlington, VT (who ought to know a thing or two about designing ski locations), and installed by Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes.  Recently our mountain-states representative Scott Doman visited the site, and sent back this description and the attached images.

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The Highline – NYC: Our product is the important one you’ll never see!

The trees at the 10th Ave. Plaza are all in Tournesol Siteworks liners

When we were first contacted to assist with the liners for the Highline in New York, we knew immediately that it was going to be a big deal. For those not familiar with it, a stretch of abandoned elevated railroad track running through the meatpacking district in NYC was converted into an elevated park. You can find a variety of images here.  Very cool.  And, very newsworthy – it has gotten more hype and publicity than nearly any other project we’ve been associated with.  Too bad, then, that no one will ever see the product that we made for it!

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Configuring space with plants – Henley Road Roofdeck, Queens, NY

Wilshire Collection Squares and Rectangles

Louis Fusco Landscape Architects pulled off an excellent example of configuring space using planters at this project in Queens, NY last year.  Using large (36″) and small (24″) Wilshire Collection squares and a series of 96″ long rectangles, they created rooms, sitting areas, and bench structures.  More after the break…

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