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Tournesol Siteworks a sponsor of AIA-SF Vertical Gardens Exhibition

courtesy of AIA San Francisco

The American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA San Francisco) and the Center for Architecture + Design Gallery are hosting an exhibition from February 18th – April 30th, 2010.  From the AIA-SF press release:

The past decade has seen a greater emergence of green roofs and vertical gardens created by artists, designers, architects and urban gardeners to combat the lack of flora in the city. Buildings around the world—from the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco—have embraced green walls or roofs for all their economical, environmental, and aesthetic values. Vertical farms and gardens are also being envisioned as new ways to feed local and organic foods to city dwellers. Largely based on the principles of hydro-ponics, vertical gardens are mostly self-sustaining because they capture large amounts of natural sunlight and water, and use wind as an energy source. In a country where cities are suffocated by high rises, cement and industrial materials, where can green space exist? As this exhibition demonstrates, one possible answer is “up.”

Tournesol Siteworks is pleased to be an exhibition sponsor. The opening celebration and lecture is taking place on Thur., Feb. 25th.  Register and get your tickets here

It is amazing to see the creativity that is being directed by the design community towards the living wall space.  There isn’t a day goes by that another green building concept hits the design blogs, usually covered by plants somehow.  We’re betting that many of those designers will need to figure out effective means of putting those plants on the building!

San Francisco Main Library – VGM Green Bench

Green Bench with City Hall in background

Another “Only in San Francisco” story – the first “green bench” that we’ve had the pleasure of being associated with.  The mayor’s office and the SF Main Library staff were looking at ways at segmenting a long bench that ran next to the main library right off the Civic Center Plaza. The Greening Director and her staff came up with the design to use our VGM with shallow planters and sedum-type plants.

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Union City High School TerraScreen Installation

all photos by Haviland Studios

 The Union City High School of Union City, NJ, turned to Raimondi Horticultural Group of Ho Ho Kus, NJ when they wanted a living wall to accent the entrance to their gymnasium. The time was tight, and the space was precise, but we were able to help them by creating a custom-sized TerraScreen system to make the project work.

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Dream Hotel, Miami – Custom Planter Liners

36″ x 36″ x 31″ Deepstream IPE planter with Tournesol thermoplastic liner

 We work closely with several other manufacturers of pots, planters and containers, and thought it might be interesting to show the results of our collaboration.  Deepstream Designs creates wonderful planters using extruded aluminum legs and IPE wood slats (as shown above), or resin and composite panels.  We provide them with our standard thermoplastic planter liners (either with or without container irrigation), or in this case, custom-manufactured welded planter liners. 

More VGM living walls in action

image courtesy CBS Channel 8 - San Diego

Greenscaped Buildings, a good customer and green building guru in San Diego, is in the news again.  Their local CBS affiliate did a segment on the edible wall he planted at his facility last March (view here).  It has several good views of his VGM edible garden, but also shows a row of VGM ready for planting (the Urban Core project, I believe).

The Pizzeria Mozza project (you can see the VGM growing in during the video) is now scheduled to be installed at the end of February.  They’ve told us that the plants are getting nice and full, just the way the client wants them.

We’ve also just received an order for a fantastic VGM living wall designed by Rios Clementi Hale in Los Angeles.  The project,  a private residence in Beverly Hills, will be installed by James H. Cowan & Associates of Malibu. The design uses the VGM integrated into a fountain wall, over a fountain basin with planter islands. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to show you images once this truly fabulous project is installed.

First look – VertiGreen™ Hybrid 3-D Trellis

 Several people who saw the last post were interested in seeing more of the VertiGreen™ Hybrid.  We’ll be officially releasing the marketing pieces and putting up the webpage next week, but here are a few images of the first units. 
The first look – VertiGreen Hybrid 48×48, 10″ module shown

 This view shows the panel with the VGM™ plant growing module installed.  The module would planted on its back (either with or without the panel), and turned vertical after a month or two.  The vines & climbers will only take a few months to cover a panel.  By having the module installed in each trellis panel, there is virtually no limit to the height to which a trellis wall can be planted.  We’ll be integrating an irrigation system into the framework which will allow for simple, low hassle maintenance. While a monolithic planting will make a beautiful living wall, imagine what can be done with varying bloom patterns, colors, and foliage colors!  

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Tournesol Siteworks @ New England Grows Feb 3-5

For those that may be attending the New England Grows show Feb 3- 5 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center-

In addition to our existing products for putting landscapes in, on and around buildings, you’ll have the chance to see our newest living wall product, the VertiGreen™ Hybrid pre-grown trellis system. The hybrid allows us to create commercial-grade living walls at half the cost. You may have seen our post last month regarding the patent application finally going in – this will be your first chance to see the product in person.
Our regional sales representative, Brian Mitalo, will be at the show, and he’ll also have copies of our new 80-page complete catalog, “Between Landscape & Architecture”. You can find him in the booth of our local distributor, Bisco Irrigation – #2423.  Bisco has been a great support in the area, and we appreciate the space they are providing us! 


Bullis Bromeliads gets 1st Place Booth at TPIE with TerraScreen!

1st Place 10x20 Booth Award

Congratulations to Tournesol Siteworks TerraScreen distributor Bullis Bromeliads, who won the prestigious 1st place booth award at the 2010 TPIE in Ft. Lauderdale. Continue reading Bullis Bromeliads gets 1st Place Booth at TPIE with TerraScreen!

Tournesol living walls part of “People’s Choice Top 10 GreenSpec Products for 2009”


We might not have made the editor’s top 10 list, but our VGM and TerraScreen living wall products were named as part of their People’s Choice Top 10 GreenSpec Products for 2009.   They compiled the list as follows:

Simple analysis of our website traffic statistics reveals which of those 2,000-plus products you read, researched, and generally clicked on most during 2009.

We’ve garnered a lot of good press for the developments in the living wall business thus far, but the rankings showed that it’s not just the media that are interested.  While we’d be flattered to think that this is entirely due to our great products (and really good press releases), clearly the architectural and design community is very interested in living wall systems! We’ll see if the attention continues to build in 2010.

More on Edible Living Walls featuring Tournesol…

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Greenscaped Buildings, our partner that is installing, among other things, edible living walls at Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles and another at Urban Core, a non-profit in San Diego, passed along this link to a San Diego foodie blog.

Caron Golden, of “To Market, To Market, with San Diego Foodstuff”, visited Jim Mumford and took the opportunity to review his edible wall work (much thanks for her permission to reprint the section shown below): Continue reading More on Edible Living Walls featuring Tournesol…