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San Francisco Shipyard Coming to Life

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard area in San Francisco, CA, is being transformed and will eventually be a residential extension of the Bayview neighborhood. This part of the city is up and coming, and is part of the city that outsiders see most rarely. The first phase of construction began in 2014, and first completed was a beautiful park for the community to enjoy. There will be residential housing that encompasses 800 units, and 20 acres of parks. Five residential units have been completed so far in this construction zone, and three more are underway, designed by four different architectural firms.

Block 51, Wilshire BOx Hanging Planters

One of the firms, Ian Birchall and Associates, specified Tournesol Siteworks products for the four-story condo building they designed. We referred to the project as Block 51 which has a large courtyard, accessible from the street. Inside the courtyard, IBA designed a modern wall of green vegetation beginning with our Wilshire Box Hanging Planters. Landscape contractors Shooter & Butts, Inc. installed the hanging planters on a metal wall with metal trellises where vines grow/climb up the wall.

Courtyard of Block 51, Wilshire Box Hanging Planters

We design the hanging planters so that the product doesn’t take center stage – we prefer the plants steal the show. The hanging brackets are powder coated with stainless mounting studs. The brackets tuck into the back of the box, so the planter can snug up next to the wall.


The plants quickly grow and expand onto the trellis screens. Using our WB-1218 (12″W x 18″H in, 72″L and 96″L) boxes maximizes the room the plants can grow. Typically, the more soil there is in a pot, the bigger the plant will get (the roots expand as much as the upper part of the plant will). IBA also chose various sizes of our lightweight FRP Fiberglass planters from our Wilshire Collection now located around the perimeter of the building.

The installation looks amazing and we’re sure the tenants will enjoy their surroundings full of warmth and color.



Burbank Towers

The Burbank Tower, located at 3900 West Alameda in Burbank, CA , rises over the busy entertainment hub along the Ventura Freeway with hundreds of media firms surrounded by Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney studios. Recently purchased by the Worthe Real Estate Group, the Tower has undergone a renovation “to appeal to people in the entertainment industry.”


During the renovation process, Tourensol Siteworks was called in by OJB The Office of James Burnett to find out if our hanging Wilshire Box planters could be modified for their specific application. As seen above, we fabricated 5 different lengths of our 18″W x 24″H boxes (96″, 93″, 75″, 72″ and 60″), and painted them a custom color to match the building.  Each set of boxes (and there are typically 3 per set) were designed with  plumbed irrigation and drainage lines

The project was purchased and installed by Krismar Construction in March, and the photographs were just taken this month.


The lightweight fiberglass box, pre-engineered brackets, and the easy-to-use mounting template have been designed for fast, simple installation by the contractor. Wilshire Boxes are used to contain plants on green facade projects, parking structures, and spandrel and parapet walls.

Wilshire FRP fiberglass Boxes are available in 3 different size ranges, (10″W x 12″H, 12″W x 18″H, 18″W x 24″H). The simple styling works with most building types, and highlights the plants rather than the planter. The hanging brackets are powder coated with stainless mounting studs. The brackets tuck into the back of the box, so the planter can snug up next to the wall. It’s a system used in hundreds of installations nationwide, and one of the most commonly found systems on parking structures today.


Farewell, Flower Framers!

Flower Framer windowboxes at Elephant & Castle restaurant
Flower Framer windowboxes at Elephant & Castle restaurant

It feels like an era is over at Tournesol Siteworks.  We signed the paperwork on a deal with Viapul Corporation of Oakwood Village, OH (near Cleveland), selling them the assets of the Flower Framer product line. We purchased the product line in 2004 from the original owner and founder. The addition of windowboxes back then helped us grow rapidly through the mid-2000’s. As we’ve grown, however, our product line has continued to evolve toward commercial landscape products, and away from residential/retail. The windowbox product just doesn’t fit well in our sales channel anymore. Continue reading Farewell, Flower Framers!

Our newest project: Canon USA Headquarters, Melville, NY

Canon USA Headquarters rendering for HOK, courtesy of Pixelplume

Tournesol Siteworks has been awarded a major contract for the production of our Wilshire Box hanging planters for the Canon U.S.A. Headquarters in Melville, NY.  We look forward to working closely with Steven Dubner Landscaping, the installing contractor. Turner Construction is the general contractor, EW Howell the construction manager, and HOK the specifying architect. Continue reading Our newest project: Canon USA Headquarters, Melville, NY

Hanging planters at Highland Village, Houston, TX

Wilshire Box hanging planters – photos courtesy of Luis Andrade, Ewing Irrigation

There are certain projects that slip under the radar around here.  This project, sold by our friends at Ewing Irrigation in Houston, came as a complete surprise to our salesperson Jon Willingham when out travelling with Luis Andrade, Ewing’s Water Management Specialist in the Houston area. Continue reading Hanging planters at Highland Village, Houston, TX

First Look: VGM Living Wall at BISCO Irrigation, Dedham, MA

image courtesy of BISCO irrigation

[UPDATE 5/18] The entire wall is up, and the Wilshire Box and VertiGreen 3D trellis is up next to it!  Looking good, and getting ready to host a seminar about it next month for Boston-area landscapers and designers…

Installation of a Tournesol VGM living wall at BISCO Irrigation, Dedham, MA


One of the advantages of working with irrigation distributors is that they really know how to set up an irrigation system. Tournesol Siteworks partner BISCO Irrigation (with locations throughout New England) installed several living wall systems at their Dedham, MA branch.  We took advantage of their work to document in this post how they set it up.

Dedham is located inland of Boston, and is a Zone 6B in the USDA Plant Hardiness Map.  They have selected the VGM-10 modules, with a full 8″ soil profile. They are also putting in several other Tournesol green wall options, including a Wilshire Box hanging planter and VertiGreen 3D trellis panel (you can see them to the right in the image above), and a VertiGreen Hybrid trellis panel. The irrigation system uses the Baseline 3200 controller from Baseline Systems, paired with a moisture sensor. Using the Baseline 2-wire system the whole thing can be remotely monitored for water use and soil moisture levels.

Continue reading First Look: VGM Living Wall at BISCO Irrigation, Dedham, MA

Checking in – Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA

The Southwest Washington Medical Center Parking Structure, Vancouver, WA

Back in the Fall of 2005, we were just starting to hang planters off the side of buildings. We had recently acquired Flower Framers of Cincinnati, a manufacturer of window boxes and other hanging planters. That led to the insight that we could probably do the same type of product for larger commercial applications.  The planters at the Southwest Washington Medical Center, installed in 2005,  were one of our first attempts at the design and fabrication of large, custom hanging boxes.  The photograph taken above, and most following, were taken by our sales manager John Denman during a visit to Vancouver, WA in December, 6 years after the product was installed.

Custom hanging planters, taken in the Fall of 2011

Continue reading Checking in – Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA

Procopio Rooftop Lounge Living Wall, San Diego, CA

TerraScreen living wall panels

The law firm of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch recently put in a spectacular rooftop lounge above their offices in downtown San Diego.  Although open to the sky, it is walled in on 4 sides.  The designers, including  McCullough Landscape Architects,  approached Greenscaped Buildings about putting in a living wall on the side of the lounge overlooking the harbor (what a view!!).  More images after the break…

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