Pre-fabricated Wooden Benches for Cast-in-Place in Cambridge

Cambridge Massachusetts is famous for being the home of two of the world’s top universities – Harvard University and MIT – and the home of many brilliant minds. However, in the same town, there are other brilliant minds at the Sidney Research Center, at 200 Sidney Street in the Fort Washington Research Center. Currently under renovation, the building was newly rebranded the Sidney Research Campus by  owner BioMed Realty Trust. The space is designed for smaller companies in the biotechnology industry, committed to the discovery and development of breakthrough small molecule drugs for serious diseases.

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Architects at Arrowstreet Architecture and Design of Boston, collaborated with general contractors from The Richmond Group, out of Hopkinton, MA, on the beautiful building entrance. Arrowstreet designed cool, custom wood benches over cast-in-place concrete and specified Tournesol Siteworks for the custom bench construction.


New England Finish Systems, based in Salem, NH, installed the Boulevard thermally-modified wood  on powder-coated steel furring strips. Certain benches required backs and others were left backless. The dimensions of the Boulevard Wood were custom, either 2 &1/4″W or 2 & 1/2”W and custom lengths varied. The units were assembled completely at the Tournesol Siteworks facility in Hayward, and shipped ready to be installed on site.


Our Boulevard Wood goes through a process which changes the chemical make-up and cell structure of the wood. The process creates lumber with exceptional resistance to rot, pest, and decay. Technically, it shares a 25-year preserved-wood-like durability level similar to South American hardwoods, but is ecologically-friendly. The thermal-modification process also prevents moisture absorption (which is great for Cambridge’s varying weather) and makes Boulevard wood resistant to warp, twist and other movement.


The project turned out beautifully, and seems to be a welcoming and relaxing rest area for the brilliant minds at work inside the building. We are excited to be part of such an amazing structure. Hopefully, those who come outside to rest will be able to work inside to bring good news of hope to those who are suffering and who may benefit from their research.

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