Farewell, Flower Framers!

Flower Framer windowboxes at Elephant & Castle restaurant
Flower Framer windowboxes at Elephant & Castle restaurant

It feels like an era is over at Tournesol Siteworks.  We signed the paperwork on a deal with Viapul Corporation of Oakwood Village, OH (near Cleveland), selling them the assets of the Flower Framer product line. We purchased the product line in 2004 from the original owner and founder. The addition of windowboxes back then helped us grow rapidly through the mid-2000’s. As we’ve grown, however, our product line has continued to evolve toward commercial landscape products, and away from residential/retail. The windowbox product just doesn’t fit well in our sales channel anymore.

At the time of the purchase, the founder of Flower Framers told me that he thought there would be a decent market for a larger box for more commercial applications.  That led directly to the development of our Wilshire Box line of large hanging commercial planters. They are core to who we are and what we do, and have been hugely successful for us. Their little brothers, however, deserve better.

We were delighted to find a good home for Flower Framers with Viapul Corporation of Ohio. One of Viapul’s directors, Jeff Martin, helped advise us on the purchase of the business back in 2004. He was part owner of the pultrusion plant in Canada where the boxes were manufactured from 2006-2011, and has made the product at the Ohio facility for the past two seasons. They manufacture several other products (including pergolas & arbors) that fit well with a residential/retail sales channel. In some ways, the product is turning full circle, returning to its native Midwest roots.

Cincinnati show home
Cincinnati show home

We’re sad to see it go, but glad that it’s going to a good home. We’ve been part of some truly wonderful projects and connected with many great people during its stay here. It will always be a part of what made us who we are.

For inquiries regarding sales, service, parts, or just to talk about windowboxes, call Viapul at 440-945-6145. They are honoring our 2013 pricing, and will be glad to connect you with the market’s best windowbox!

One of our favorite installations - in Columbus, OH
One of our favorite installations – in Columbus, OH



2 thoughts on “Farewell, Flower Framers!”

  1. I maintain a large fleet of your original Natural Spring planters. In using replacement parts, when it comes to the retainer rings, they are sometimes too tight and sometimes too loose. You appear to have a pre 1989 and a post 1989 spec. Does the two tier specs apply just to the retainer rings or to other parts as well? I assume the pre 1989 hole was smaller and the post 1989 one is slightly wider.

    Please confirm with Pillar
    Thank you
    Green Power

  2. Martine-
    thanks for the email. The grommets used to keep the sensor in the side wall were typically larger prior to 1989, so we have two different grommets, one for post-1989 (single sided) and one for pre-1989 (double sided). The retainer ring, that which holds the inlet disk down on the bottom of the container, shouldn’t have changed. The hole that it goes into was never tampered with. If you have some replacements that don’t fit, it may be a problem with our rings. You can contact our inside sales team to figure out what’s going on.
    Chris L.
    Tournesol Siteworks

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