St. Luke’s Hospital Greenroof/Patio, Twin Falls, ID

Grown-in greenroof at St. Lukes, Twin Falls – photo courtesy South Landscape Architecture

We have been fortunate to work on several of the St. Luke’s Hospital facilities, the largest medical group in Idaho.  On the roof of their Jerome facility (near Twin Falls) they’ve put in what was (at the time, anyway) the largest modular green roof in Idaho using over 2,000 of our GRT2 greenroof trays.

This is the way that the greenroof started!

The progress on the greenroof has been documented by the landscape architect, Tom South of South Landscape Architecture in Boise, who was kind enough to share these images with us. With this project, the goal was to make the green roofs (there are about 7 planted areas), usable and visible so that they would become part of the hospital landscape.  You can see all of the green roofs from somewhere in the hospital.

The original roof was planted in Fall of ’10, as seen in the image above. The contractor filled lightweight media into the pre-positioned greenroof trays, then planted with plugs. Conventional irrigation was positioned around the perimeter of each area to water as required.

The progress can be seen from images taken at a patio on a different section of the roof. The patio was designed to give the hospital visitors a place to enjoy the greenroof.

Installation photo of the greenroof/garden area

The border to the greenroof area was created using our standard SeaCrest Series rectangular planters with built-in container irrigation self-watering.  The image above shows the pots immediately after planting, but before the greenroof plugs were put in. There were approx 12 72″L x 24″W x 22″H rectangles used to form the border.

Immediately after planting

The image above shows the plugs, in a decorative pattern.  The irrigation systems for the greenroof can be seen around the perimeter.  The standard GRT2 tray is 24″square by 4″d.  When filled to the top, the trays effectively disappear.

Getting fuller all the time – approx. 1 year after planting

Slightly less than a year after planting (shown in the Summer of ’11) the greenroof plants have grown in, become larger and spread out.  The plants in the border planters are clearly loving the container irrigation system in the SeaCrest Series pots. Each pot will hold approx. 50 gallons of water, so only need to be filled about every 2-3 weeks.

A recent image of the garden, with SeaCrest Series self-watering planters in the foreground, greenroof in background

This final image of the area, taken from a slightly different angle, shows the third year of growth of the plants (taken late summer of ’12).  They require minimal irrigation and have done exactly what the client wanted – creating attractive greenroofs that become part of the landscape of the hospital.

SeaCrest Series self-watering planters on the patio – looking great without much work!

The patio behind the border had several more of our SeaCrest Series self-watering containers, too.  This is the second use of the system for the owner, who uses them at the entrance to their Eagle River hospital.  Clearly they know how to take advantage of the watering system to keep their maintenance of this area low.

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