VGM Living Wall at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

West wall of the West Hall – Pitzer Residential Life Project Phase II – Photo courtesy of Pitzer College

Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges located in Claremont, CA, recently completed Phase 2 of their Residential Life project.  It included several different buildings, including the West Building shown above.  The combination of residential, academic and social space was awarded LEED Platinum status, which makes them a leader of elite liberal arts schools with LEED recognized mixed-use buildings.

The wall, immediately after installation

Noteworthy elements within the project were the environmental and “green” aspects of the construction, including (from their website):

• Green roof, living wall & stormwater retention
• Solar power & energy efficiency
• Low-water landscaping

Tournesol Siteworks was pleased to have our VGM3 Modular living wall system chosen by the landscape architect Mia Lehrer & Assocs. of Los Angeles for use at the project. This is their first use of the VGM. The grow-in was done by Instant Jungle, a veteran of several VGM projects throughout the Los Angeles area. Installation was performed by the team at Park West Landscape.

The wall is approx. 8′ tall x 30′ long, and made of 60 VGM3-06 modules

The wall faces west, but is somewhat shaded by the overhang of the building. The team determined that plants appropriate for low light conditions would do best in the installation. Reclaimed water through low-volume irrigation tubing was used to water the entire wall.

According to the Pitzer College press release, the Living Wall was used as part of the Sustainable Sites portion of the LEED application – sections 6.1 (stormwater design -quantity control), 6.2 (stormwater design – quality control) & 7.2 (heat island effect mitigation).

The living wall contributed to the project’s LEED platinum status – photo courtesy Pitzer College

Most of these images (including the one below) were taken soon after installation. You can see how much the modules were allowed to grow in prior to the installation. It makes the wall look spectacular as soon as it goes up – something that made a huge difference for this project.

A satisfied crew, resting after a job well done!



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