Patio Garden at the Swedish Medical Center – Seattle

Wilshire Collection rectangles and VertiGreen trellis at the MS Center, Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hil

We published a post a few months ago regarding the interior living wall that was installed at the Swedish Medical Center in Cherry Hill, WA. While an impressive project on its own, it was only a portion of a larger installation. Designed by Callison Architecture and installed by The Interior Foliage Company, this outdoor garden is immediately outside of the elevator lobby that holds the living wall. We’re especially proud of this project, as it shows how Tournesol Siteworks products can provide a wide range of products for a patio garden. Our design customization was critical to the success of the job.

Long exterior patio using Urban Collection round and Wilshire Collection rectangular pots

The garden features our Urban Collection and Wilshire Collection planters, CWM and CWC container irrigation systems, as well as our VertiGreen 3D Trellis with a 6″ grid spacing . The images here are shortly after installation. As the trellis begins to fill in with plants growing both in the ground and from hanging planters, the outdoor patio will take on the characteristics of a “living room” (and not the kind featured in most homes!).

The trellis was used for the ground-floor level patio to create an “outdoor room”

Most of the freestanding round pots are our Urban Collection, which features a modern taper. There are a number of rectangular Wilshire Collection planters, mostly associated with the trellis.  We were challenged as part of the project to come up with novel ways to support the trellis, including stabilizing the top using a stainless steel wire, and hanging the trellis from the top.  We worked closely with The Interior Foliage Company as the project progressed, and modified the planters and trellis as required to fit the application.

All containers finished in T-0 texture, MMP Iron



2 thoughts on “Patio Garden at the Swedish Medical Center – Seattle”

  1. I was the lead designer at Callison for this project and found Tournesol and Interior Foliage Company a delight to work with.
    The range of products, finishes and attachment methods was astounding. It allowed me to easily adapt the product line to existing conditions and work toward our desired goals with ease. thanks for posting these pictures! I was there last week and am thrilled to see how nicely the plantscape is filling in.

  2. Kim – we’ll try to go back and get more pictures and post an update. We were especially proud of this project, as it allowed us to use the full range of products that we can offer!

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