Our New Catalog is Here!

It’s finally here!  Once we finished with our new website, the marketing team needed something else to do. We went to work on the catalog – in the last two years, we’ve increased its size by more the 35%!

We added 20 pages (its now 120 pages) and well over 25 new products, including our new benches and tables (including TWIG and the new Flow planter bench), as well as our entire range of deck and paver support products. We’ve been selling most of these for almost a year, so it’s about time we got them in the book.

New for this year are sections detailing design services we’ve begun offering, as well as a new “project board” feature for each product group. We show off several new installations and link to its blog posting for more information.

The cover photo (above), a fantastic residential terrace on a high rise in Chicago, was just featured in our blog here. The Urban and Wilshire Collection pots (with CWM irrigation) have been on the patio for over four years, and still look terrific. The owner contacted after receiving our last newsletter to share how pleased they are with our product!

 You can download a PDF version of our catalog here, or send an email to request that one be mailed to you.

3 thoughts on “Our New Catalog is Here!”

  1. Please send me a catelogue! Valerie Locher Horticulturists, Inc.
    231 North Plain Rd.
    Housatonic, MA 01236

  2. Hi there, love your products and innovative approach. Could you please mail a catalog to my attention at our office.
    Thank you in advance, and looking forward to the opportunity to spec your product.

    Seferian Design Group Limited
    1391 Ontario Street
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    L7S 1G2

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