MS Center at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Interior Greenwall

Interior living wall at the Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Campus, Seattle

Our sales manager John Denman recently was able to visit a new installation of the TerraScreen interior greenwall at the MS Center at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus, the site of the very first hospital in Seattle in 1877.

The wall (along with a patio and the rest of the center) was designed by Callison Architects of Seattle, and installed by The Interior Foliage Co. of Mercer Island, WA.

The Interior Foliage Co. installed and maintains the wall

The wall is a blend of pothos and fern varieties and includes red veined prayer plants, dracaena compacta and bromeliads. Plant selection was made with a design criteria based around the framing of the wall and the functionality of the irrigation system. Design changes came about late into the project. Adjustments were made and will continue until maximum utilization of the system occurs.

Plants wrap the elevator lobby

After discussion with the client, Callison and The Interior Foliage Co. moved the bromeliads away from touchable levels, and substituted multiple 4″ plants within some cachepots to reduce how far the plants extended from the wall. This made complete coverage more of a challenge initially, but one that they were able to overcome.

Interior Foliage used 4″ plants to “flatten” the wall

Initially The Interior Plant Co. was skeptical of the consistency of the irrigation system, so ran a test after installation. They removed all the plants on one panel, then emptied any water remaining in the cache pots. They ran water through the irrigation system, using a water machine. Despite their concern, the amount of water was remarkably consistent between cachepots. While they had been hand-watering some of the wall, they left feeling more confident in the system after the test.

Callison Architects had the wall wrap everything!

Below a short video recorded by John while visiting the installation.

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