So that’s how they get so shiny!

Aged Copper Village Collection planters, ready for packaging

While walking across our production floor today, I saw an order going through the final prep and polishing before being packaged up.  The pots, our Village Collection VS-2400 in the metal-infused Aged Copper finish, positively glowed.  They look great, and will be packaged and shipped shortly.

There’s only one way to get them to look like this.  Two of our crew, Anthony and Luis, were putting the finishing touches on the last couple of pots. I took out my cell phone and snapped a few shots of them doing the buffing.

Anthony and Luis, hard at work hand-polishing the finish

As a reminder, we infuse atomized metals (aluminum, bronze, copper, and iron) into polyester resin. We spray this on the surface of the pot, and allow it to cure. The result is, frankly, dull and lifeless. To release the sheen, we need to finish the pots. We hand-buff nearly all the metal-infused finishes (iron is the only one that goes out matte) just before they are packaged up. It’s a lot of tiring work, but the results are worth it.

Anthony manages the department (but still gets to shine pots...)

For larger pots, rectangles, and certain textures we can make the work a little easier for the team with equipment – but the final step always involves hand-buffing with the finest grade steel wool. This hand-buffing creates slight variations from container to container.

Luis, helping out in the shipping/finishing department

If you have a metal-infused pot in the field that has lost its lustre, this is the same way you can bring it back – elbow grease and steel wool!

There is no paint finish that can reproduce the natural glow of copper

We’re proud of the attention to detail that these guys pay to our outgoing product. We want you to know what (and who!) goes into the products that Tournesol Siteworks creates.

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