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When Tremco Incorporated, a leader in sustainable construction and part of the RPM Building Solutions Group, renovated its corporate headquarters in Beachwood, OH, they featured a 9000 sf vegetative roof from the Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Division.  Vegetative roof expert Rana Creek, based not too far from us in Northern California, did the design for them. Rana Creek recommended the use of Tournesol Siteworks FRP planters and our VertiGreen 3D Trellis system to cover several large structures on the roof, as well as screen an equipment area. A full documentation of the project can be seen at


During installation, before planting

The underlying irrigation can be seen in the image above.  Note the Wilshire Collection rectangular planters (resting on the roof), with the VertiGreen trellis either on the wall or between posts where a wall isn’t present.

A variety of mixed plants, photo taken in June 2011

The installation was only one aspect of the building renovation; the project was certified LEED Gold earlier this month.  According to a description published at, the entire project features:

• A vegetated roof featuring 46 species with almost 16,000 plants, including herbs the company’s cafeteria can use. The roof has low impact lighting, a pathway of recycled slate and plastic, and Tremco Roofing’s BioTray Vegetated Roof Delivery System. “The vegetated roof is our own system. We took it down to the deck and installed a system including a two-ply vapor retarder, insulation, a TPA (Tri-Polymer Alloy) adhered membrane, engineered growing media and plants, as well as our Bio-Tray Vegetated Roof Delivery System,” (Deryl Kratzer, President of the Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Division in Roofing Contractor);
• The ENERGY STAR® qualified Rock-It™ roof surfacing system, composed of white gravel set in white adhesive, installed beneath a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system;
• Two thin film module rooftop PV systems for renewable energy; and
• A white, reflective, TPA membrane on top of the mechanical room.


The natural concealment area continues to fill in

The initial installation was done in the Summer and Fall of 2010, and the images here were taken roughly 12 months later. The 3D trellis panels are gradually filling in.

The trellis/planter combination was used as a equipment screen here

The project featured 34 lightweight FRP planters, mostly 60″L x 18″W x 24″H (our model no. WR-601824), and a combination of 4×4 and 4×6 6″ spacing modular trellis panels. They leveraged our unique panel connection system to vary the overall height of the trellis on the wall to create a skyline effect. We install easy-to-use connector plates on each trellis panel, so they ship more compactly, more efficiently, and with less damage and bending on arrival.

Photos taken in the fall show the roof flourishing

The VertiGreen 3D trellis panels may be used either with wall mount brackets (on the right in the image below), or between freestanding posts (on the left).  Both brackets are quick and easy to mount.

Both planter/trellis elements are shown in this shot looking north

We were pleased to be a part of this fantastic installation. Our thanks to Tremco Incorporated for the use of these images.

The living roof hightlights Tremco's vegetative roof business