A signature gateway in an urban setting – Center for Early Education in West Hollywood

New Gateway to the Center for Early Education in West Hollywood, CA

Rios Clementi Hale is at it again. They’ve designed a number of great-looking living walls in the Los Angeles area using our VGM Modular living wall system, including the Sunset House and La Plaza.  Jennifer Schab at their office was responsible for the upgrade to the CEE, a private elementary school in West Hollywood where they used the VGM to create a new gateway for the school.

The CEE sign is mounted on a rail, extending from the horizontal gap between modules

The plants were grown in by our friends at Instant Jungle (veterans of several projects at this point), and installed in the field by Toddco Landscape Co.

The gateway is the public face of the school grounds

The planting used a mix of succulents, grasses, and sedums in 34 of the VGM-06 modules. Upon close inspection the coverage is good, and with a season of growth it will erase most of the module lines.

A combination of succulents, grasses and sedums were used

According to an article in the school’s magazine, the gateway installation was just one part of the greening of the elementary school campus. While they didn’t have a lot of space to green, they made the most of it. In addition to the gateway, they used Wooly Pocket felt hanging planters along many of the outdoor staircases along the building. The gateway and planters were outfitted with drip irrigation systems.  The school is quickly incorporating the new “green” into the curriculum of the school.

Some areas are still growing in, but will be full after the growing season

It’s a strong statement for a school in an urban setting. We’ll look forward to seeing how it continues to grow in.  Below, a short video by our regional sales representative, Jon Willingham.

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