Rivers Casino Parking Structure – VertiGreen 3D Trellis in Des Plaines, IL

VertiGreen 3D trellis at the Rivers Casino parking structure

Tournesol Sitework’s VertiGreen modular 3D trellis system was recently installed at this new casino parking structure project in Des Plaines, IL. The Rivers Casino called on the Elgin, IL office of  national parking structure consultant Walker Parking Consultants for the design. Katrina Laughlin of Laughlin Assocs. provided the landscape design.


16' tall wall created with 4'x4' modular panels

Originally this design was intended to utilize our Tournesol VGM modular living wall panels to create 100% plant coverage. Budget constraints (the typical VGM installation costs close to $150 per square foot, the VertiGreen closer to $15) dictated that the commercial-grade trellis system be substituted instead.

The VertiGreen 3D modular panels were specified using our 6″ grid spacing (perfect size for fast-growing vines), in standard black. The front and back of the panels are spaced 3″ apart, and use a “close” bracket which holds them right against the wall. There is a total of 1,850 sq. ft. of trellis used on the project.


Green trellis elements break up the facade of an otherwise plain parking garage

This is a perfect installation to demonstrate how the VertiGreen 3D trellis works. We manufacture the product in two specific modular sizes – 4’x4′, and 6’x4′.  In this case the wall was to be 16′ tall, with a large gap between the floors. The panels were connected using standard attachment plates that are on two opposing sides on each trellis. With just two attachment bolts, two 4×4 panels become 1 8’x4′ panel. Using modular panels is easier and less expensive to ship, easier for the installing contractor to handle, and results in fewer damaged panels. In this case Countryside Industries was the installing contractor, who worked closely with our field sales representative Brian Mitalo to coordinate the installation.

Despite the short grow-in time, the vines are on their way towards the top

In addition to the VertiGreen 3D trellis, we also provided Countryside with our CWM modular container irrigation system for the concrete planters that were installed around the project. Overall the installation wasn’t without a few hiccups, but Countryside worked with Tournesol to overcome the glitches. The project looks great, and the vines are quickly growing to cover the trellis. It looks to be a great installation!

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