Follow-up: Rolling Stone Lounge, Los Angeles

Second Look - Rolling Stone Lounge in Los Angeles

Last year we provided product to the Rolling Stone Lounge, located in the retail area at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. Our product was primarily used to screen a dining area on a walkway that gets very heavy foot traffic. We documented the project at the time in this blog post. One of the most important ways to judge our product is not how it appears immediately after installation, but how it holds up to everyday use over time.

Our regional sales representative Jon Willingham went back by the project recently to get “one-year-later” photos, and to find out how the product withstood the heavy traffic.

Vines are filling in nicely

As a reminder, we provided a range of sizes of Wilshire Collection square and rectangular planters, as well as our VertiGreen 3D trellis system (mounted to the planters) to screen the area. The shorter rectangular planters were built into shuttered frames – the shutters don’t appear to be there anymore, but the vines are growing nicely up the vertical elements.

While the photographs are telling, you can get even more detail on each individual container in the video that Jon shot in the field (see below).


After a year, the installation still looks very good. The plants have filled in the trellis elements nicely without getting too shaggy, and the plant design fits the space very well. The bronze finish on the planters has darkened slightly, and some are showing the patina of heavy traffic. All the containers appear to be straight, and have held up well to physical damage (scuffing, chipping, etc.).

Containers have darkened, some patina showing

These are the kinds of results that we hope customers will expect from Tournesol Siteworks products. We stand behind the quality of our product with a three-year warranty, the longest in the industry. We design our products to hold up in challenging applications like this.

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