User insight: filling the TerraScreen living wall with a pump sprayer

images courtesy of The Inner Garden

We often say that we provide the tools, and our customers use them the way that suits them best. This turned out to be exactly the case for Joan Lynch of The Inner Garden of Pittsford, VT. She wondered why she needed a water machine to connect to the irrigation system of a TerraScreen Interior Greenwall. She suggested to Jeff Crean of our distributor Bisco that a pump sprayer would work just as well. While we hadn’t considered it, we couldn’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work.

Joan with her pump sprayer

Joan installed the TW-4949-MD TerraScreen in her office, and tried it out. In her words:

I used a 4 Gal capacity Solo 425 deluxe model.  (The deluxe model has a pressure gauge and can be used up to 90 psi.)   I filled the tank to 3 gallons.  The connector between the sprayer and the irrigation line shut-off valve is a common hose ¾” female to ¾” female coupling.  At 40 psi  – it ran for 2 minutes, each cache pot received 6 oz of water.

Pump sprayer connected to irrigation line

So, it works! Joan was careful to keep the pressure at around 40psi, which is about the same pressure that drives most water machines. The emitters in the irrigation system are made for low-pressure irrigation, so pumping to the maximum capacity might cause irregular watering. If you have any unique adaptations specific to your business, let us know. We’d love to share them!

Monitoring the pressure using a built-in guage

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