Tournesol Container Irrigation in the Frontgate catalog

Design for custom irrigation insert for Frontgate

It’s been some time since we’ve had a product other than our Flower Framer windowboxes sold in the retail arena. We were delighted to be approached by Frontgate (a division of Cinmar), who were looking for a container irrigation insert to sell along with an exclusive pot this year. They were able to fit our standard CWC-1300 and CWC-1600 irrigation inserts to several pots that they offer, but had something special in mind for their feature product this Spring. They wanted a custom size for a large, square woven planter.

The "first article" off the custom tool

The part ends up being approx. 16″ square by 11″high, and will hold approx. 2.5 gallons of water. It features the same side overflow drain as the other CWC inserts.

Brantley Woven Self-watering Planter
Product image from the Frontgate catalog

The folks at Frontgate do a great job of development and presentation of very high-quality retail outdoor products. We’re mostly used to other commercial-grade pots, and this one fits right into that description. They already offer a wide variety of their outdoor furniture in woven mesh, so this planter fits right in for anyone that has already purchased their tables or chairs.

The insert set into the Frontgate Exclusive pot

We’re proud of our part in this product, and expect them to sell quite a few. They’ve asked us to work with them during their next development cycle and fit out more of their pots with our inserts. Stay tuned for more info…

A close-up showing the fit

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