How the Middletown (CT) Downtown Business District stretches its street planter maintenance budget

Summer planting at the City of Middletown, CT

Every day we hear the stories of public maintenance budgets shrinking.  Check with almost any city park & rec department and they’ll lament the fact that they can’t keep up in the face of cuts.  The Middletown (CT) Downtown Business District found that by using Tournesol Siteworks’ container irrigation system they could make their color program budget stretch further. They use our CWF container irrigation bowls with existing concrete containers, changing them out with each season. In the words of Marie Kalita-Leary, Director of the Middletown Downtown Business District:

Tournesol Siteworks irrigation systems were the end to our nightmare.  The only way to get water to our planters was to use manual labor via a wagon.  On hot summer days it  required hours and hours of work to water all the planters along our Main St.  The irrigation system from Tournesol Siteworks have saved us so much and brought us so much.  During warm weather spells in the summer, I know that planters are receiving the water they need – and – the flowers look great from the minute they are planted.  We save on labor and staff time.  A landscaping company fills the systems with water and checks them weekly.  Because the flowers and plants are receiving the nourishment they need, when they need it, we always have full and gorgeous flowers in our planters.  I highly recommend the irrigation systems by Tournesol Siteworks.

more images of their color program after the break

Spring Planting (photos courtesy of City of Middletown)

One of the challenges faced by municipalities with street planter programs is understanding the amount of work that it should take to maintain them.  We should know, we deal with a lot of these projects. The groups responsible for awarding the contracts don’t have the experience to know what options are available.  Unfortunately, because most maintenance contractors typically charge by the hour, there isn’t a real incentive to reduce this maintenance.

CWF container irrigation makes color changes easy

The Middletown Downtown Business District was fortunate. They started using container irrigation in early 2008. This past season the Downtown Business District purchased additional container irrigation units from our our local distributor, Bisco Irrigation,.  Bisco also worked closely with the maintenance contractor, making sure that they were trained on the use of the product. It’s been a great result for all!

Fall 2010 plantings in the CWF container irrigation system

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