Hanging with Kraft Gardens at the 2011 TPIE in Ft. Lauderdale

All pictures courtesy of Kraft Gardens

I got a call in December from Kevin Kraft of Kraft Gardens in Ft. Pierce, FL. He was working on the layout of their booth for this year’s TPIE, and he wanted to show their plants vertically. Living walls are one of the hot new topics for their interiorscape customers, and its a good way to showcase some of his plants. As one of the premier nurseries for commercial-quality plants in the country, we knew that they would do a good job with the display.  It doesn’t hurt that their booth is the first you see when you walk in the show, and that they positioned the TerraScreen front and center.

Different varieties of plants were used to different effect - here, succulents of varying shapes & colors

Not only did they put up the tropicals that they are known for, but also displayed several very cool 6″ succulent varieties.  It shows the versatility of the system, and what you can do with it.  In fact, several retail garden centers were interested in it as a way of displaying plants at their stores.

Here Kraft used tropical varieties

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