Whole Foods Market VertiGreen Hybrid system, Phase II

photos courtesy of Blondies Treehouse

You may recall the post that we featured here, about this Whole Foods store located in Lake Grove, NY.  As we mentioned in that post, the installation of the initial 128 sq. ft. of living wall went so well that the owner decided to expand the wall to the entire area.  Blondies Treehouse of Mamaroneck, NY, was the contractor that did both the intial as well as the subsequent installation. They’ve been extremely pleased with the way the VertiGreen Hybrid it has been growing in.  We’re hoping to get installation images from another, much larger installation that they’ve recently done soon.

The living wall more than doubled in size

It was relatively easy to expand the irrigation system to cover the additional panels. The irrigation was pre-installed by Tournesol Siteworks to simplify things.  You’ll note that instead of a Hybrid trellis at the head of the structure, they instead opted for the standard VertiGreen 3-D trellis panels. This points out how easy it is to mix the hybrid product with the standard trellis, yet another way to continue driving down the costs of  a living wall, improving the performance of the trellis!

Plants are growing in nicely

2 thoughts on “Whole Foods Market VertiGreen Hybrid system, Phase II”

  1. Will the plants from the top portion of the hybrid system fill in the standard 3d trellis at the very top? Is this the intent? Or will more plants be added to the 3d trellis to fill it in?

    Looking forward to seeing the larger installation you mentioned coming soon!

  2. Michelle-
    just noticed this comment as well. Yes, the plants here are intended to cover the standard 3d trellis at the top. The nature of the plants is to grow up, so the designer figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult for the installed vines to grow up. We have been waiting for images from this installation for this season. The contractor said that it survived the New York winter very well, and that the client was pleased.

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