First Look – Fantastic VertiGreen Hybrid installation at Jean Nouvel project in NYC

all photos courtesy of Blondies Treehouse

This is a project that will define the capabilities of what our new VertiGreen Hybrid system can do.  That might sound a little dramatic, but when we saw the images, we realized that the contractor, Blondies Treehouse of Mamaroneck, NY, really understands the product and used it to their advantage.  As a reminder, they gained experience with the product at the Whole Foods store in Long Grove, NY.The Jean Nouvel building (at 100 11th Ave) is one of the new architectural gems of NYC. A truly luxury condominium project, it has been written up in architectural journals nationwide.  Their pool area, however, felt a little stark, even by modern design standards. The manager approached Blondies Treehouse looking for a living wall solution at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. There wasn’t much of a footprint for planters, so conventional solutions were going to be difficult. They were also on an extremely tight schedule, and didn’t want to wait years for the grow-in of a conventional trellis product.

Before the living wall - image by Todd Eberle, courtesy of
A challenging location led to an inspired installation

Blondies used a combination of fast growing vines in the 10″ deep VGM living wall modules. There were 64 ea. of the 48″x48″ Hybrid modules used around the corners of this wall.  There was almost no time for grow-in, so the modules were planted with relatively mature vines, and the vines trained onto the trellis just before installation.

"Grow-in time" for this wall was weeks, not months

The stepped concrete wall was something of a challenge, but fit well with the 4’x4′ hybrid panels. The contractor used the pre-installed irrigation system to make the project go faster.  Despite the short grow in time, the owner was able to realize a living wall at a price 1/3 less than a typical fully-planted system!

Two levels of trellis can be seen here

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