Sunset House Residential Living Wall – Beverly Hills, CA

VGM Living Wall accenting a terrace over a reflecting pool

One of the first VGM Living Wall projects we sold went to this beautiful residential project in Beverly Hills. Designed by the firm of Rios Clementi Hale, it was a solution to creating a green wall behind a reflecting pool underneath a lovely terrace.  Installed by James Cowan & Assocs., the wall looks as good (if not better) today than the day it went in. More images and description after the jump…

Photos taken 9 months after installation

The photos taken here were taken 9 months after the original installation, during a later site visit.  There are 3 lion-head fountains spaced within the wall. They replace a VGM Module in those locations.

Living Wall rails during installation

The living wall is 2 modules high by 20 modules long (approx. 4′ x 40′). An interesting problem popped up during installation. The height available for the wall was just slightly less than the 47.25″ required for the modules to be mounted vertically. Instead, because the box is narrower than it is tall (19.75″w x 22″h), we suggested running the rails horizontally. It worked out fine in this project, and provided just enough room for the wall.

Living wall image, taken at time of installation

The plantings were grown in by the contractor for several months prior to installation. It allowed the ferns to be healthy and strong when installed. This type of planting works exceptionally well at covering the hardware of the wall – provided, of course, that it works in the climate.

The VGM Modules are placed two-high across the 40' length

The elegant design provides a lovely base for the pergola and flowering trees on the trellis above. There is nothing quite as satisfying as when you can’t tell anything about the structure of the wall behind the plantings.

The planting does wonderfully in the temperate Beverly Hills climate

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