Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Vail, CO

all photos couresy Scott Doman, Water Logic Technologies

We were delighted to be chosen to provide the planters and irrigation systems for the on-structure planters at the brand-new Ritz-Carlton Destination Club in Vail, CO this past spring. The project was specified by SE Group from Burlington, VT (who ought to know a thing or two about designing ski locations), and installed by Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes.  Recently our mountain-states representative Scott Doman visited the site, and sent back this description and the attached images.

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The project used a combination of Metro and Village Collection planters

The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Vail, Colorado had a unique design predicament.  The pool deck on the second level was above both the parking structure and some residential units below.  Due to weight issues, no permanent planting beds could be installed.  There was also a structural expansion joint running across the area which limited the landscaping options.  Still, the boxed-in deck area needed a way to transition from the square lines of the structural European architecture to the open-air views of the pine covered Rocky Mountains.  The landscape architect decided on light-weight, decorative fiberglass containers from Tournesol Siteworks’ Metro and Village Collections filled with evergreens, grasses and colorful perennials as a solution.

All containers used Tournesol's AutoFill container irrigation

The 138 round planters selected for the design are irrigated by Tournesol’s automatic, subsurface AutoFill system that controls water input using a float valve.  Automating the watering was the only feasible way to prevent this landscaped area from becoming a maintenance nightmare.  As an extra benefit, the AutoFill ‘s float valve system individualizes each container and prevents both under watering as well as the excess watering that causes unwanted runoff.

The Village Collection VS-6000 pots were sunk slightly in the bed

During the process of getting the installation ‘just right’, Steve Bjurstrom of Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes had his own set of challenges to overcome.  He and his crew had to haul 2,230 cubic feet of Potting Soil by hand to the second story deck area to fill the containers.  They then planted the 138 decorative containers with 68 Deciduous Trees, 213 Evergreen and Deciduous Shrubs, 23 Climbing Vines, 255 Grasses and 1,340 Perennials and surrounded the containers with 48 yards of cobble.

Fall is setting in already in Vail

Thanks, Scott – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!!

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