More Updated Images of Pizzeria Mozza – Living Wall

Most recent images of the Pizzeria Mozza living wall

You’d think we’d get tired of showing these images!! Our regional sales representative was driving in the area of the Pizzeria Mozza last week, and just stopped to see how things were going.  The top of the wall had filled in so much that he decided to snap a few images and send them over.  Even with all the “harvesting” that is being done off the edibles at the bottom three rows of VGM modules, the wall is really looking terrific.

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The module lines are just about gone...

If you remember, this wall was installed just about 6 months ago, with the top two rows of modules installed just 8 weeks ago. It has been our most popular blog posting, and images have “gone viral” all over the net.  It recently won an Award of Excellence at the Plantscape Industry Alliance’s Calscape Expo awards presentation. It just goes to show what happens when you brush with celebrity!

I had a long discussion with Greenscaped Buildings, the contractor that originally installed the wall, and asked him about his “take-aways” from the project.  He commented that they really learned that maintaining vegetables is an art and science unto itself. They have lots of experience with interiors, exteriors, and even ornamentals on greenroofs. Nevertheless, the challenge of the client wanting to harvest the wall, while at the same time keeping it attractive and robust was more than he expected. They spent a fair amount of time working with the restaurant staff, who did the daily maintenance on the project.  All in all, a wonderful job and a great learning opportunity for all.

Coming soon at the next Pizzeria Mozza...

We’re pleased to be working with the designer for the next Pizzeria Mozza restaurant, where they’ve decided to really integrate the living wall into the design of the building.  Given the results thus far, it makes sense that the client is happy.

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