Poinsettia living walls at the Denver Int’l Airport

TerraScreen TW-7049 covered with poinsettia plants - photos courtesy of Bristol Botanics

It’s not quite time for Christmas, but we just got great photos of two TerraScreen interior greenwalls that our friends at Bristol Botanics put in last Christmas at the Denver International Airport. Both these walls were on stands that we created especially for the application,which we have since made into standard product.  Rich at Bristol went through a lot to make these work – we used commercially available leg-sets, which weren’t up to the task of supporting the weight of the poinsettias.  He was creative, and used wire to anchor the top of the frame to the back of the leg.  In the meantime, we’ve made sure to beef up the legs!  It’s a great application, and one that we hope our interiorscape clients reproduce this year.

BTW, if you saw the email, twitter or facebook feed for this project, I spelled poinsettia wrong.  It has been duly noted and corrected in the post!
Does he realize he's being photographed?

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