More living wall demonstration projects – Los Angeles area

next three photos courtesy of Instant Jungle

We wanted to take the chance to feature work by several of our partners in Southern California that have put up demonstration projects in Santa Ana and Rancho Cucamonga.  More pictures and details after the break…

Instant Jungle, of Santa Ana, has been a customer and partner for a long time. Some time ago they put up a demonstration VGM wall to get experience planting and maintaining it, as well as to promote the concept to their clients.

Demo wall planted & maintained in Santa Ana

They put in a single-row, 3 module high wall which is fully irrigated.  They’ve been working with different plants in the wall to experiment with what grows best in their conditions.  Stop by their nursery and check it out next time you are in Santa Ana!

growing in a relatively shady setting

Another exciting demonstration project was recently put in by Heddy Salerno of Inside Plants of Corona. She installed the TerraScreen interior living wall system shown below on the walls of the Frontier Project of Rancho Cucamonga. The Frontier Project is a sustainable design demonstration building, including a green conference center on a 1-acre campus less than 5 miles from the Ontario Airport in the Inland Empire.

Demonstration TerraScreen for the Frontier Project

The installation is a TW-4949 panel of golden pothos, over a drainage basin planted with aglaonema.  I only recently found out about this from our regional sales representative, Jon Willingham, and the more I found out about the facility the more interesting it is.  It is a LEED Platinum facility, with sustainable construction techniques, as well as energy saving technologies.  Hat’s off to Heddy for helping Tournesol Siteworks to be a part of it!

photos courtesy Inside Plants

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