Monroe, WI, “Swiss Cheese Capital of the U.S.A.”, adds planters to their downtown streetscape

Basix Collection BS-3000 planters in Mesa Matrix finish

This spring we furnished 40 planters to the City of Monroe, WI, as part of their Main Street Beautification program. Monroe, as I just learned from their website, is the “Swiss Cheese Capital of the U.S.A.”.  More images and information after the break.

The city was working with a tight budget, so they wanted the most cost-effective planter that they could find, while still getting something that would hold up to the elements.  The Basix Collection was a perfect solution. Delivered in our Mesa Matrix finish, the pots have a rich look, and won’t show scuffs, scrapes, or change color in the sun.  Made of linear low density polyethylene, the pots will hold up to nearly any abuse.

another planting can be seen across the street

They city did a splendid job of planting, using a 30″ diameter container so that they had room for many different plants in each pot.  Tournesol drilled 3 ea. 1″dia. overflow drains on the side of each pot, so that the pots would keep some rainwater yet still drain in the case of a deluge.

The classic design of the Basix planters will work with nearly any building

We love working with cities on their streetscape projects. There is a lot of civic pride that goes into these efforts, and it is rewarding to see the results.  I’ve never been to Monroe, but seeing these pictures makes me think that it’s probably a pretty nice small town that cares about its downtown district.

Civic pride in action!

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