Pizzeria Mozza Update – Expanded VGM edible living wall!

Expanded VGM Living Wall at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza

We’ve received far more press and kudos for the living wall installed by Greenscaped Buildings at Pizzeria Mozza than any other project we’ve done.  Even though the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s living wall is substantially larger, it lacks the cache of a celebrity like owner Mario Batali.  The folks at Pizzeria Mozza like their wall so much that they asked to expand the wall higher.  More pictures after the break…

According to Jim Mumford at Greenscaped Buildings, the staff has harvested the edible wall fairly “aggressively”, which hasn’t allowed the plants to recover like they might have otherwise. Despite a fairly robust growing season, some of the vegetables needed to be replaced.  Otherwise he commented that the wall is holding up well to the heavy traffic on the sidewalk, and the client has been extremely pleased with the results.

Close up showing upper-level plantings - mostly non-edibles

Because the upper level of the wall is out of reach for typical harvesting, the restaurant and Greenscaped decided to install longer-lasting non-edible plants  there.  They were given plenty of  grow in time, and were nice and full at the time of installation. The irrigation is functioning as designed, and was easy to expand up two rows. The overall wall size is now 10’H x 12’W, and reaches 15′ off the sidewalk – it catches the eye on this busy section of Melrose St. in Los Angeles.

The top two rows were added to the original bottom three

We’re looking forward to working with the restaurant group as they put living walls at several of their other locations across the country!

6 thoughts on “Pizzeria Mozza Update – Expanded VGM edible living wall!”

  1. need much more info. pricing, system components, where is it manufactured, any out-gassing VOC’s in the materials, warranties on components, irrigation, recommended fertilizers,drainage from planters, etc.

  2. I want a wall at home for my back yard. Would love more info, including pricing. Does wall work as well with edibles as with succulents? Can it be watered manually? Does this reduce cost?

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